10 Worst Benefit Fraud Excuses


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According to the government, these are the 10 worst benefit fraud excuses:

Window cleaner? No, I carry ladders as therapy for my back | Mail Online

A survey of fraud investigators revealed the ten worst excuses used by benefit cheats:

* ‘I wasn’t using the ladders to clean windows. I carried them as therapy for my bad back.’
* ‘We don’t live together, he just comes each morning to fill up his flask.’
* ‘I had no idea my wife was working! I never noticed her leaving the house twice a day in a fluorescent jacket with a “Stop Children” sign.’
* ‘My wallet was stolen so someone must have been using my identity. I haven’t been working.’
* ‘I didn’t know I was still on benefit.’
* ‘I didn’t declare my savings because I didn’t save them. They were given to me.’
* ‘He lives in a caravan in the drive. We’re not together.’
* ‘He does come here every night and leaves in the morning and, although he has no other address, I don’t regard him as living here.’
* ‘It wasn’t me working. It was my identical twin.’
* ‘I wasn’t aware my wife was working because her hours of work coincided with the times I spent in the garden shed.’

The 'professionally unemployed' strike again.

I saw this on sky news earlier, I did briefly wonder if Whet had given all those excuses but then I realised that they were actually more plausible than his usual reasons for avoiding work.
that shed one is complete class

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