10 Uses For Gunnys ARRSE Mug

Use Number One

I'm really chuffed about my ARRSE mug !! Since receiving it, I've found various uses for it. I thought I'd share them with you. This was it's first use on the day I got it, collecting the leaking water from the waste pipe from the bog. It fitted perfect under the soil pipe. In this pic you can see it's nearly overflowing with a weekends worth of curry and lager waste. Then I thought, what's the point in buying a mug if I haven't used it, so I gave it a quick clean and made a nice brew.

More to follow !!

looks like good quality stuff. (mug and loo, nicely bolted to the floor, you dont live in Liverpool do you??)
Filbert, no. Liverpool is light years away, thank fook.

It took two weeks and lots of coffee and tea to get rid of the smell and taste, but here it is again, this time as an improvised condom holder. None used since it took over this task.

Helpful Hint: Don't use white sheets. They eventually go yellow like mine.

Those banana/vanilla/chocolate ones are about as much as a crisp packet. Recommend only using them when the lady in question can't track you down.
Gunny Highway said:
All my 'ladies' are to fat and lazy to track me down.
and walk around on four legs anyway.
The garden is full of squirrels and pigeons this time of year. I don't mind the squirrels, although my nice neighbour dispatched a family of six three weeks ago with a silenced air rifle and left one little lonesome one, which I now feed most days (awwwwww). It's the feeking pigeons I can't stand. I'm too scared to use my air rifle, as the Manc coppers tend to respond with an armed response unit, so I purchased this catapult, and used my mug to store pebbles. So far I've scored two kills and one wounded. In the background you can just about see one of the basta*ds BEGGING to get whacked. The mug was well worth the 12 squid !!

Probably. This will make you laugh. The one on the far left hand side I took with me to Leconfield in June 1990 !! And I've STILL got it !! It's like a comfort blanket to me 8O .
Garden is looking good, Gunny. I would be ashamed to post a phot of mine; not unitl I got rid of the used syringes and Allegro on bricks, anyway.
JUNE 1991 !

<Howling with laughter>

Give it up man. Ever thought of becoming a monk - you've got the celibacy thing all sewn up. :D
Oracle said:
JUNE 1991 !

<Howling with laughter>

Give it up man. Ever thought of becoming a monk - you've got the celibacy thing all sewn up. :D
Glad I gave you a laugh. You sound like a man thats had more seeeex then you care to mention.
he will be s_t_m, he claims he uses the catapult as the GMP will be after him - Gunny you clearly lie, as if they would enter mosside|longsight|davyhulme just to get you. You just like the challenge dont you :D

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