10 Things you didn't know about Afghanistan, BBC News 24.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Praetorian, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. 11. it's a fucking shithole full of backwards donkey fucking inbreeders
  2. What a load of fucking shit, how does Arnie looking like a shagging durka?

    I do quite like the idea of the goat carcass game though. However the Afghans wanting it to be included in the Olympics just goes to show how fucking backwards they are.
  3. It can be quit beautiful in the North very much like North Wales

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  4. There is absolutely no fucking comparison between Wales, and Afghanistan!! Tropper is clearly a cunt, even if he invented them both.
  5. Yeah, one's a shithole full of inbred twats who hate the British and fuck their livestock and the other's Afghanistan.

    Sorry, but it was too fucking obvious to ignore.
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  6. have you ever been to the North, the Dasht e Margo where Bastion is is not called the Desert of Death for nothing but up along the river Oxus its quit nice, and so is the Bamyan valley
  7. My mate at the American University thinks that so f@cking funny
  8. to be fair both bamyan and Birmingham both have a similar population demographic, well at least spark hill does
  9. i think we've all learn't a lesson. stay the fuck away from any country that ends in
  10. For fuck's sake, can't you get anything right?

    We're a bunch of semi-inbred twats who can't stand the English. We find the Scottish & Irish are fine. Just you bunch of whining, crumpet eating, beer swilling, Henman-loving tossers we hate.
  11. I see the cultural awareness training paid off then.
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  12. Well the Irish are just welshmen who learnt how to swim, and the jocks are living proof that even evolution cocks it up sometimes.
  13. HHH

    HHH LE

    Serious question, have you been ?
  14. Can you be 'semi-inbreds'? I thought it was all or nothing.

    So you do fuck livestock?