10 Sqn RAF Leeming

I am pontentially posted to 10 Sqn later is year, can anyone tell me what it's like for posting and what is coming up for the next couple of years.

it's in the middle of nowhere with the army lads and the RAF not reaLLY GETTING ALONG. they are currently adventure training in Gib. part of 39. i know 4 blokes up there and they hate it! the only perk is they are scottish so closest to home!! Enjoy!!
Cheers Knocker & Cheggers,

Had already looked at both sites but they don't give an indication of what the Sqn is likely to be upto. And as i am just about to finish a six monther in one sandy place don't fancy being posted somewhere where i am likely to go straight back out. Which has happened to me before.

phone the C/C????
on that one the boys havent said they are going as they are the RAF support bunch. i can try get some info or year planner for ya

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