10 Sqn Air Support

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Stab_Sapper, May 1, 2003.

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  1. Anyone know much of them or have any website links, cant find Eff all.
  2. All I can remember about them is from when I was a kid in the early 80's. Used to drive past their block in Mansergh Bks, Gutersloh everyday for 3yrs on the way to King's School.

    If I remember the OC at one point was a Maj Edwards - an exranker if I remember correctly - his son was in my class.
  3. Yogi_Burr

    Yogi_Burr Swinger

    I was first posted to 10 Sqn from 3 Trg Regt back in 1972, when they were part of 37 Engr Regt at Longmoor in Hampshire. I went back to them in 75 by then they were at RAF Laarbruch. I have never come across so many animals in one Sqn. The best posting I ever had, 3 years of partying with a bit of soldiering thrown in now and again. Happy days
  4. asr1

    asr1 War Hero

    10 Fd Sqn (Air Sp) RE. A fine squadron. Arguably better off for being geographically isolated from the beach- and they have some excellent blokes. Now fully integrated into 39 (and 12 Gp) in terms of commitments. Their ORBAT is the same as a normal Air Sp Sqn, the only difference being the geographical split. Instead of the Taps they have The Oakleaf- one of the areas they lose out on. Need any more details, PM me. Hurrah for the Corps.
  5. singha61

    singha61 Old-Salt

    Had the pleasure of serving in 10 Fd Sqn 87-89 in gutersloh, hq tp rad op, am abit confussed thought the sqn had been disbanded in the 90s when the Harrieres went back to the UK. Have an old sqn photo think it was taken for the RE 200 will post when I can scan it and if anyone is interested.
  6. 10 Fd its better than being down the beach, pm if you have any questions but be quick im off soon.