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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Goodfella, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. Could anybody out there please let me know exactly what's happening with 10 Sigs? I've heard that the Squadron in Aldershot is going/moving and also that Squadron in London is also going. Apologies for vagueness, but it's a unit that I am interested in going to. I am particularly interested in either Wilton or Corsham. Are there 10 Sigs units there? What do they do? What are the MQ's like? I hope that somebody is in a position to be able to answer these questions and possibly a few more. VMT in advance.
  2. I believe 10 Sigs is staying at Corsham although it has Tps at Wilton Aldershot and soon Elempt as well as London. Also they have a Sqn in NI. They pretty much mop up all those random units that are out in the cold!.
  3. I thought they were centralising all the Inst Techs @??? and handing most of the Civvie stuff to DCSA
  4. Now here's something that I do know the answer to, well at least part of it anyway. The Tele Mechs are being centralised at 10 Sigs (not sure exactly where) and will be deployed to units as and when they are required for Ops etc. Hope that has clarified things. As to the civvy kit to DCSA, only time will tell. Yet another fine job that us IS Engrs can't get into. Are our responsibilities as IS Engrs getting smaller??
  5. The Inst Techs will have their own Sqn next year with a Troop at Wilton and Elempt as well as Corsham.
  6. Any of the Inst Tech Supervisor wannabe's up in Scotland next week?
  7. No idea whats happening in Scotland?
  8. Everything is up in the air at the moment with 10 sigs, 251 should be staying in aldershot and combining with 238 but there are issues with real estate and accommodation. Don't want to say anymore on here but if you know someone at either unit give them a call and they may be able to tell you
  9. Guys,

    Many thanks for your replies. I'm sure that my next posting's going to be a good one.
  10. Not that argument again. Didn't we give you enough of a slating last time?! Supply and demand my good man, supply and demand.