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10 Sigs (Corsham)

Hey, just finished my insallation technician course at blandford and got my first posting at 10 sigs corsham, and body any idea what the accomadation will be like or the phone signal you can get because at blandford i can only get vodaphone signal :roll:
Cheers, AJ
roadster280 said:
Not sure if they're still there, but the RAF P&SS (their equivalent of SIB) had their HQ at Rudloe Manor (also at Corsham).
P&SS moved to RAF Henlow about 8 years ago! Nothing like staying current :lol:
Accom for Junior Rates ranges from decent (ensuite) to shite (not ensuite). As for phone signals, it's pretty good and you can get a 3G Signal on Orange at least.

Ahhhh, Lillies-what a 'strange' place. It's within spitting distance of the camp as well but that kebab van is horrendous whether you're shitfaced or not.
boney_m said:
Yep, shes nested half of Rudloe site. She is slightly picky, she turned the_matelot down aparantly.

What can I say? Some people have standards no matter how low they may be!

Lillies is a strange strange place that is usually full of 'robust' women from the Cotswold Centre.

Top tip...

DO NOT attempt to chat up the daughter of one of these women as hell has no fury like a woman seeing moi making a bee-line towards her 'precious' daughter.

Trust me on this-not many women have threatened me with physical violence...

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