10 Russian spies arrested in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dashing_Chap, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    Looks like I got first dibbs on this story too!


    'Brush past in parks', isn't that when they walk past each other in trilby hats & trenchcoats & say something like "The monkeys fly at dawn"?
    I predict a certain coolness to future Russian/US relations.

    This is DC reporting...

  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Hi cunt, I see you are still lingering.

    Yes, its news. But what isn't news is the fact that the Russians never stopped spying, never let up, never stopped their dirty tactics, even if idiots in the U.S. and British (amongst others) Successive Adminsitratons clung to their quaint belief that they did.

    Besides, who cares? Everyone is doing it to everyone. The Yanks do it, we do it (albeit as paupers), the frogs do it, and China is trying to fuck everyone.
  3. Now the question is how many US diplomats get declared persona non grata for alleged "actions inconsistent with diplomatic status. Should be none as these were illegals but the Ruskies may just throw out a few for spite.
  4. Oh, at a guess, I'd say 10.
  5. These folk were really being groomed long term to move up. Arrested in Cambridge, MA, were Donald Heathfield and his wife Tracy Foley. They lived in an area near Harvard where a number of faculty live.

    Out of curiosity, as a Kennedy School alumnus, I checked him out on the online Harvard alumni directory. He did indeed graduate with a Masters in Public Administration in 2000 (well after me). It is a program where one meets very significant figures in government. I know of at least one current 2* who was in his class. The current Ass't Sect'y of Homeland Security was teaching there when he was there. GEN Stanley McChrystal was an International Security Fellow just before Heathfield was there. One of my classmates recently retired as a 3* and another is of senior rank in another government agency. One morning I found myself sitting at breakfast between a then current cabinet member and a former Director of Central Intelligence (and wondering what Mrs. O'C's son was doing sitting with people like that)

    I could go on but his experience there would have given him opportunities to meet, get to know and network with a good number of senior officials and classmates well on their way to be senior officials. He could have been a real star for the Russians.
  6. Yes, but how many spies do remain undetected?
    Don't you think that some lawmakers are spies as well?
  7. As usual your bang on the button Sergey lots and lots of Soviet citizens will be undetected US spy's and many of your lawmakers also.

    Pleased to say that we British would never ever spy on our Russian comrades.
  8. I think they missed one :lol:

  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Still less than you would get for wearing a BP t shirt
  10. Go on Sergei give us a clue and save the poor old FBI some hard work.

    Neither we nor the Americans need spies as lawmakers, they couldn't do any more damage than the idiots we already have in Parliament/Senate.
  11. Well that explains "New Labour" anyway! Has Gordon gone bach to his dacha.
  12. The loudbarking dogs and copious empty bottles of vodkas must have been a dead giveaway!
  13. Wah.

    Edited to add:

    In all seriousness, if the Spams have had them under surveillance for some years then it is logical to conclude that either the Ruskis were planning something that the FBI had to stop, or it now serves US interests to arrest them. Otherwise, they could have kept things quiet and continued watching them, possibly trying to turn them.

    This is a very overt political exercise.
  14. That or they were about to touch on something the Spams would prefer they didn't.

    Being honest, I can't see that it does a great deal positive for the administration.
  15. From what I've heard, the CI bods rounded them up once they got all they could from surveillance. To be fair, the FBI seems to have become a lot better at it than they were, say 10 years ago. At heart, they're cops and their first instinct was always to go out and make arrests. Now they're more inclined to hang back and see where the trail leads them. When the trail ends, then they get rounded up.

    If all they're looking at is 5 years, then they couldn't have done that much harm. (Ask Jonathan Pollard, Aldrich Aimes or Robert Hanssen how hard the book can be thrown.) Apparently they were more or less there as a check on the veracity of OSI. Apparently, the Russians still don't trust newspapers and, of course, they find the covert stuff much, much sexier.