10 regt rct

Any of you know a john "gunny" harris, was corps troops in Bielfeld then 10 regt, scouser, did his pti course, lance jack i think. Had a brother there as well. Around 1989 - 1992 ish.
Yeah i remember john Harris he was from Hoylake on the wirril, i used to be mates with him, he was in 17 sqn 10 Regt RCT and did his PTI course about 1989 went to gulf and left army in 1994 i think?. But he just dissapeard, last i heard he was working on the isle of man, on a constuction site

His brother Harry is still in Bielefeld he married a German lass and they have a twins if i remember right?

If you have any info about John "gunny" Harris, it would be good to hear from him.
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