10 Regt ( 36 & 17 Sqns) 77-79

.....Having a bit of an anorak moment to myself here, but does anyone have any photos of 36 or 17 Sqn vehicles from the period 77-79 ? Trying to track down an "in -service" pic of an old FFR I'm trying to restore. Vehicle was 57 FK 66.

...and if anyone can explain what on earth the word "Teabag" is doing scratched onto the steering wheel I'd be well impressed !


Teabag is probably the name of the scratcher, There used to be an RSI I worked for in Sennelager who may have been your culprit. He served with 10 Regt I think, prior to coming to Sennelager.
Thanks ! All sorts of info coming out of the woodwork on this - found out this morning that the vehicle was actually built in '71 but its got 1969 plates.... Fun phonecall to Swansea to follow.... :-(

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