10 Reasons why the Germans really won the Second World War


Ok, let's skip the 'economic miracle' or any serious stuff. As we stupid non-fanbois still haven't grasped the total victory that the 'master race' really had over us Untermensch I'd like to see some stuff to convince us 'sheeple'

Conspiracy theories, Alternative realities, worship at the alter of the SS/Hugo Boss, homoerotic neo-nazi ramblings, wonder weapons and fantasies about blond haired, blue eyed BDM/HJ welcome
Airbags and Aspirin.

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I have a Bosch dishwasher, probably made in China.
That's what they want you to think, really it's the shadow of a giant Zeppelin crewed by Nazi Amazon women in their leather uniforms....
Amazon women? One titted muscle bound harpies. Not my thing.
Indigenous German motor industry still exists with major manufacturing groups (VW, Daimler, BMW). UK motor industry decimated by shite products in factories crippled by unions.

Ironically, the German industry was kickstarted by the REME after the war. Independent UK motor industry no longer exists - though plenty of cars are made in the UK.

There's one reason.


I thought I started shite threads, fucking outdone again.....oh, well, back to the drawing board with old Dr. Mengele from across the road and his nice careworkers with the lovely haircuts and the Doc Martins.

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