10 Questions.

As you sit down at you're table, with you're pint, in this fine establishment, these questions are on there for to answer, please do so.

You do not have to answer them truthfully, you have that right!

1). An athesmatic ant carry a heavy load of shopping is struggling up an incline 1 in 3 hill. Do, you help the little fella out?

2). Last week, I went into a club, I was asked to put my hands up for detroit, why is this? And when can I put them down, it's incredable uncomfortable typing.

3). What was the best post that I never created?

4). "Imagine" was a song by John Lennon, how could you interpret this into a normal conversation about industrial floor cleaner?

5). What is the answer to this question?

6). You get wrongly acussed for murder, you're in prison, everyone in the world thinks you're guilty. Whilst having lunch one day do you chose the mashed patato or the roasted potatoes?

7). Dick Chaney shot a man in the face by accident... Or was it?

8). It is true that these questions are completely pointless, stupid and have no relavence. However... (complete this sentance)

9). Hitler, Melosovic and Sadam are in a room. You're in with them. They're having an argument about Communism, Socialism and spilt milk. Who do you side with in the argument? And who spilt the milk?

10). 92?
11. Is "Nightrained" a conjugation of "Night" and "rained" or of "Nigh" and "trained?"
putteesinmyhands said:
11. Is "Nightrained" a conjugation of "Night" and "rained" or of "Nigh" and "trained?"

Nightrain is a (rock)song. And an alcoholic drink. The "ed" was for a spifft twist to it. Talking in past tense that either I was drunk or have rocked!


I didn't know the asylums let the patients out for Christmas aswell.
Nightrained said:
Fatbadge said:
Hello Zero.. Say again all from 'As' , Over.....

:wink: Get used to it NT...

Hello unknown callsign, this is Zero, say again over! 8)

Having read the scope of your "help me on the internet, please, I have joined the Army" posts so far; I agree you are zero...

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