10% Pay rise

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by keeffy, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. Have just heard a rumour that all full screws and below are getting a 10% pay rise in april can anyone confirm/deny this???
  2. LOL - No way
  3. That would be a nice the for His Toniness to do before he retires.

    But i won't be holding my breath.

  4. I hope for al your sakes the rumour is true! That was from my heart but my head tells me ....................
  5. Perhaps you'll soon be sending the kids to private schools and sod the rest of us - then again, you might need a pay rise similar to those afforded to our representatives in Parliament.
  6. Won't hold my breath - can see my quarter charges going up 15% if it's true though.
  7. Were you born a knob, or have you spent years perfecting the art?

    Why should we not get the wage that we deserve? It is about time that the government saw sense and gave us a decent pay rise. I don't think that 10% is likely, I reckon it'll be about 4.5%
  8. While it is a very nice thought you may have to think again. If the average pay rise on promotion is 3% I'm guessing that a 10% payrise would put most (if not all Cpls) on more money than Sgts and in some cases more than newly promoted SSgts, that just isn't workable.

    I haven't done the maths.
  9. They have given us a big payrise before - remember the 14% hike after Gulf 1? Even Officers got around 12%.

    It can be done.
  10. 'They' were not Labour. 'They' also had respect for us. 'They' weren't doing their utmost to destroy the Armed Forces.
  11. Agreed, but the poster mentioned that it would just be for Cpls and below, that is where the problems begin. I remember the Granby pay rise - happy days!
  12. Lets hope for 10% across the board then :)

  13. Now you are talking, I might even stay in for that.
  14. Hard via the jungle drums from a mate of mine in the treasury that it will be between 6-8%. He is normally spot on with his newsfeeds & inside info. The fat overweight left wing socialists and some of the militant lefties have already made mutterings about in equality & why shoud HM Forces get such a good stretch. The bottom line is 90% of civil servants are overweight, ugly, unfit, slow and unproductive. They have an average sickness of 3 weeks a year. If I was in power I would be giving you folk an 18% payrise and reducing ordinary civil service pay by 18%. Infact I would employ hard working Polish folk & other decent foreigners who have great work ethics..................mmm I may stand as an MP at the next election on an Armed Forces Ticket.
  15. All well and groovy giving mega pay deals out, but generally, pay in civvy strasse is behind. Personally, and I will probably get stick for this, wages are not too bad, especially if you are living in extremely cheap accomodation (we can leave the general standard of it for another thread) Any SNCO coming out after 22 years without a trade that crosses into civvystrasse might be in for a bit of a rude awakening