10 PARA, a weathervane and Myrtle the chicken

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
its nice to read about the human element, real people and bringing them back to life
nice that it has survived to keep alive the mens history
Paras andArnhem, now there's a punch up I would loved to have taken part in. Even with the grisly outcome, although I would have been happy to have been one of those who walked out.
I like the bit about Myrtle the chicken being PARA trained!

I have a friend who did the same thing with a hedgehog whilst in Aldershot, it even completed its night jump!


Book Reviewer
My great uncle was captured at Arnhem after being shot in the leg - i believe he was then forced to march to one of the prison camps. Unfortunately he emigrated to the US after the war and died before i could get to talk to him about it.

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