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Being a humble retired Police Officer from one HM's constabularies I defer to your greater knowledge on this subject.

On Tuesday of this week I read an article in the Daily Telegraph concerning our beloved governments lack of support for our armed services in Afghanistan. In particular those involved in the combat zone in Helman province. As I understand it, from the article, everyone who goes to Afghanistan gets a general service medal but other than for individual acts of heroism there is no distinction between those involved in full blooded combat and those in a support role. It is clear that the role of the military has changed from when they were first sent in, I seem to recall a government minister saying that it was unlikely that our forces would be required to fire a shot, or words to that effect.

The point it that following several events, not related to Afghanistan, Iraq or even the military but those such as the question of yob culture on our streets. 40's something fathers being beaten to death by young thugs outside their own house etc I just felt compelled to do something. This issue was the straw that broke the camels back. To at least do something I organised the petition, emailed all of my friends and just expected a few signatories and then that would be it. What I wasn't expecting was the interest I received from the press, which so far has involved an interview with a reporter from the Daily Telegraph and also BBC radio Scotland,Shropshire, Hereford and Worcester and Five Live. Had I thought about it I would have worded the petition differently to have included Iraq too. What I have tried to do in my interviews is to widen the issue somewhat into including the general attitude out government has to the wishes of the public, the treatment in general of service personnel and their families together with the lack of equipment our services endure.

Hopefully I haven't made a complete fool of myself and I have been able to achieve some good. I am under no illusion that HM Govt will take any notice of me as an individual but hopefully together something can be achieved. I welcome feed back from anyone who wishes to make contact with me via this forum over the petition and any wider issues that I may be able to mention in any subsequent interviews.

Personally I hope they have all ended as anyone who knows me from my Policing days will vouch for the coward that I am when it comes to the press. It seemed churlish though not to have capitalised on the publicity once it broke into the public domain.

Thank you for indulging me by reading this lengthy post. As I have said earlier I welcome any feed back you may care to share with me.

Oh and don't forget to visit the petition at http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/AfghanMedal/ and sign it.


Andy Myers

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