10 Nuclear Power stations approved?: job done

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Excellent: Government finally acts to safeguard UK electricity generation capacity after a decade of dithering. About time too. Well done!

    Errr no. Another wish list that as it stands actually represents an epic fail.

    Grand and fine sounding policy but immediately revealed as entirely hollow. No company or utility could possibly risk building the damn things under the proposed arrangements, i.e. no Government backing at all.

    "Ed Miliband says: we need 10 new nuclear stations – and quick about it.

    The men with the calculators reply: at the moment, it’s looking about as possible as splitting the atom with a blunt instrument and your bare hands.

    Amid yesterday’s triumphalist fanfare about the new dawn of nuclear revolution (Ed Miliband, the Energy Secretary) and a significant milestone for the new industry (Vincent de Rivaz, EDF Energy), it was easy to miss the voices of caution about the likelihood that all these saviour stations will all actually be built.

    Analysts from Citigroup point out that the Government is forcing potential nuclear investors – among them EDF, Centrica, E.ON, RWEnpower, ScottishPower, GDF Suez and Scottish & Southern – to take on full exposure to the risks of construction, a volatile power price and operations. These, they claim, are stalking “corporate killers so large and variable that individually they could each bring even the largest utility company to its knees financially”.

    And there’s more: “Nowhere in the world have nuclear power stations been built on this basis. Nor will they be built in the UK. We see little if any prospect that new nuclear stations will be built in the UK by the private sector unless developers can lay off substantial elements of the three major risks.”

    Adding to the doubters, we have Omar Abbosh, Accenture’s head of utilities, who has advised the Government on energy issues, warning that: “For all the optimism about nuclear new build in the UK and speeding up the planning process, we will not see sufficient nuclear investment until regulations are changed to address finance. The UK’s liberalised market cannot support major capital investment needed for nuclear and large scale wind.”

    "The question now is when the UK will start listening to the experts and realise that simply announcing it wants 10 new stations is not enough financial inducement for them magically to appear."

  2. Dungeness got screwed over.The population there actually want a new plant built next to the existing ones,but because of some concerns about the wildlife in the area,it will not happen.
    What happened to the list of how our (current) MP's are connected to the power/energy companies?
  3. Power generation should be a nationalised industry.
    All power stations to be owned and operated by the state, selling that power direct to the power companies for ditribution.
    The reality is French Nuclear power will be a disaster for the UK, take a close look at how French nuclear power stations deal with their waste. BNFL of old may have had their shortcomings but they were pretty much a world leader in reprocessing.
    I resume it is entirely co-incedental that Gordon decides to sell of UK government interests in uranium mining shortly before announcing 10 new nuclear power stations and the associated rise in demand for fuel?

    Instead we will subsidise EDF to build and run our nuclear power stations. I know thats not what it says there but you can just about bet your last pound on it. All that remains to be agreed is the taxpayer subsidy for them doing so.
    I helps that a senior executive of EDF UK just happens to be the brother of our Prime Minister. Not that there will ever be the vaguest hint of anything innapropriate of course.
  4. My bold
    You mean Mr Brown's brother? The one who works for EDF? The same EDF in top lace to get the job of building and running these new powerstations? Once the government agree's to the subsidy of course....
  5. Aye Jag,there was quite a long list of the fekkers.

    EDIT to add
    Found it.
    Reference notes for readers:
    EDF Energy: Head of Comms and general lobbying, Gordon Brown's brother, Andrew.
    NDA: Headed by Tony Cooper, father to Chief Secretary to Treasury Yvette Cooper, and father-in-law to Ed Balls.
    RWE: Also known as N-Power Renewables. Former Head of Comms and Public Affairs, and now three day a week consultant, Stephen Tindale. Former head of Greenpeace and Labour environment policy advisor.
    EON: Legally represented by preferred counsel, Justine Thornton, an energy and planning expert, also girlfriend to Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.
    Fluor: Senior adviser to the management team of the Fluor Corporation, Rt Hom, Ian McCartney.
  6. Isn't the justification behind the profits obtained through PFI etc. that the private sector is taking all the risk and so deserves all the profit? What exactly would the energy companies expect to give the government in return for it shouldering the bulk of the risk?

    I've long since stopped laughing at the idea people can think the private sector can provide a solution to the ills of a nation. Its interests are too narrow and short term. If we hadn't pissed about trying to find a way to tempt energy companies to do what was needed then we'd probably not need to scramble around now for a best-of-a-bad-lot solution as poor as nuclear power stations.
  7. I'm reflecting on smartasarrots response and thinking he's (PC moment, she's) absolutely correct.

    The govmint has told us about expected power cuts in 2017.

    The power companies may (just) have heard this.

    Fcuk me! The windmills may not fill the power gap (but at least they will reduce the low flying complaints).

    So nuclear is essential!

    Fcuk me, say the power companies - "if we don't build the nukes, we can charge anything we could possibly dream of for a kiloWatt hour - and we only have to wait a few years".

    I wonder how many planning permissions will be granted in the next 5 years for nuclear power stations?
  8. Interesting slant.

    Source: Popsci

    UK missed the boat? Again.