10 Little-known Churchill Facts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Smithey, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. I don't think any of those facts qualify as "little known", given the thousands of articles and books written about the man...
  2. Well yeah it's true plenty has been written about the man... still the gorilla impressions are worth the mention
  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Having read some of the letters he wrote to his mother during the River War he was almost illiterate, but went on to win the Nobel prize for literature , its amazing what a good secretary/ Ghost writer, can achieve
  4. Rive War ??
  5. Who do you allege wrote his books?

    Churchill wrote 73 major books over 78 years. If he had several ghost writers, then they were remarkably consistent; if he had one ghost writer, then he must have been very long-lived!

    Churchill was a 25 year old when he wrote River War; given that he was drop out from school and then a subaltern on active service, its hardly surprising he didn't write that well. Haven't you read any modern subaltern's essays?!
  6. I'd be very surprised if his "A History of the English Speaking Peoples" was ghost written or indeed any other tome that has won the Nobel prize for literature.
  7. Ghost written? Bollox indeed. Churchill finished the original version in 1939 but it was not published until 1956. Never been out of print since.

    However he won the Nobel Prize in Literature 1953 "for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values".

    However he got a right hump on about that because he thought he should be getting the Nobel Peace Prize, which he had been under consideration for since 1946. Hence a letter to the Nobel Prize committee saying how much he admired Sweden, especially her ‘warriors’, i.e. the 8,000 Swedes who volunteered for the Finnish army.

    By the time the Literature prize was awarded Lady Clementine had to pick it up for him because he had a better offer: the Three Power Conference with Eisenhower and some French bloke.
  8. Having read some of the shit you've crayoned in here, it's amazing what a crack habit and alcoholism can achieve.
  9. My late Father was Churchill's research assistant for 4 years. I was with him at his club when some-one had as good as accused the old chap of having "ghosted" some of WSC's books. He replied that is was not the case and was very annoyed with them. So much so, that he never spoke to them again unless it was strictly necessary for the sake of politeness

    The man who wrote the best obituary on my Father had this to say on the subject
  10. Thats a fascinating connection you have there HB. Would you mind sharing some of your father's experience with us?
  11. Not much to relate really, at least, nothing that I would care to put in print
    My Father, like a lot of young men of his time, was an extreme left winger although never fell in with the Reds. When he was at Oxford he published a pamphlet "Red Oxford" which I believe was very derogatory about some of the Colleges and their Vice Chancellors. He was recommended to Churchill by his Tutor, David Ogg. My Father went to see Churchill and felt that he should mention this to him but Churchill was not interested in the slightest and made conciliatory remarks that it the right of the Young to protest.
    I know that both he and his friend volunteered despite being in reserved occupations. They both went into the Grenadiers and the Guards very soon found out that if they put on him on a motorbike he fell off. If they gave him a rifle he broke his collar bone and so on. In fact, a less likely person to be soldier would be hard to imagine.
    At one parade, the recruits were asked by the RSM if anyone spoke Spanish. The old chap and a couple of others took a pace forward."Right, get your kit together. You're going to Greece" they were told. My Father never knew when to keep quiet and said that Spanish was not spoken in Greece and was told in no uncertain terms if the RSM, who was personally acquainted with God, said that they spoke Spanish then that's what they spoke.
    He was eventually transfered to MI6 and went to States on 2 or 3 occasions and worked at the Pentagon. I know that he also went up to Bletchley Park because he had a first class brain. The sort of chap who could do the Times crossword in a matter of minutes
    He was always of the opinion that the Japanese should never have been bombed and that they were on verge of surrender: Seeing that he must have been privy to a lot of highly classified code intercepts I suspect that he may have been right. He never discussed that side of his war work with me and this was typical of his generation. If they were told not to talk about something, they never did. We will not know the truth on that one for many years yet.
    He always spoke very highly of WSC and always praised his humanity. He was always very upset when people who he knew well sought to denigrate WSC