10 Killed and 40 injured in Denver shooting...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Breaking News,,10 dead up to 40 injured in a cinema shooting in Denver Colarado,,Two suspects,one arrest,Police searching for a explosive device..............
  2. Random nut case or something more sinister?
  3. Well it is America.something like this happens every couple of years atleast.
  4. The attack took place at a midnight showing of the new Batman movie. The scumbag was wearing a gas mask. According to the BBC, one suspect is in custody but it's not clear if police are searching for anyone else.
  5. 14 dead so far
  6. Not good. I was in Denver for some time a couple of years back and out of all the US cities I've visited, that was the one I actually felt the safest. A nice place Denver.
  7. Dog bites man...
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  8. Cops arrested one man in the cinema car park; he was carrying a rifle and wearing body armour, helmet and goggles. He used a shotgun and set off a smoke or tear gas bomb during the attack. Cops found explosives when they searched his home.

    FBI say there is no terrorist link so far.

    [Cynical Mode]If it does turn out to be a terrorist attack, I wonder if the Iranians will get the blame for this one as well?[/Cynical Mode].
  9. Run out of popcorn, Behring type nutter or crack fuelled mayhem?
  10. Pretty awful news. Rest in Peace to the dead.
  11. I've just enjoyed an early lunch consisting of an apple, chicken sandwich and a Boost chocolate bar.

    What!, some bloke in the US of A has carried out yet another mass shooting?....

    Tommorow I am going bass fishing.
  12. But this in no way will be blamed on internal terrorism and/or easy access to weapons etc. I know the old NRA addage that people kill people, but if the access to weapons was a bit hrder perhaps it wouldn't happen so devastatingly. Dunblane, Hereford ( oh bother, yes I meant Hungerford and i will also add Raul Moat) etc aside they are rare events sadly not so in the USA.
  13. What happened in Hereford?

    Is it possible that you actually mean Hungerford?

  14. It's not guns that are the problem. It's Americans.
  15. A little on the harsh side. Britain has it's share of nutters with guns; Dirk Bird was only the latest. And remember that the worst mass murder(so far)was carried out by a Norwegian.

    The problem is more widespread in America, due to the relatively easy access to firearms. But it's hardly exclusive to the USA.