10 K London race completed

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by themaadone, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. Goatman, scaley fins and I came in a respectable 1 hr and 08 mins! Great team effort!!!!

    Scaley had 24 tins of Carlsberg in his Bergan (Mad soft git)...

    Poppy walked due to having a small foot injury but completed it with another FANY and it was really good, really hot and Beebs even came to see us at the Combat Stress picnic site!!!

    Well worth it and thank you to all those who donated, participated and organised!
  2. Congrats and very well done all of you! I must apologise for my failure fulfil yesterday's promise to arrange more clement weather though, I'm afraid alcohol clouded my mind instead of the sky! How long was it before resisting the temptation to crack open the Calsberg proved too much and you ended up showering in the shaken up stuff!? :D
  3. Well done all great effort especially scaley hats off mate!!! Not great running weather hey, too bloody hot for me!
  4. Cheers all. Too hot for me too tommo, I was starting to flake out towards the end, but G'Man and bee kept me going - that and not letting the Crabs beat us! :D
  5. Real test of endurance mate! But we live to tell the tale! Next race??? Not in the heat!
  6. Well done to you all. G'man did you get any extra sponsers as I did forward the site to a few mates.

  7. A HUGE thank you to everyone who sponsoredme (retrospectively) last night - I raised £136.76 :D
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Saztaffy...the justgiving site scored a highly respectable £270...so thank you for passing it along !

    Tommo...as to the next opportunity if you want to run the Flora London Marathon for Combat Stress

    get your name into Rosie Gibbons NOW...

    they have Five (5)...that is to say, CINQ, FUNF, FIVE only GOLDEN BOND places available...

    if you are sick of NOT getting a place through the ballot and want a guaranteed start in next year's London Marathon - PHONE ROSIE NOW.

    kinda toying with the idea of doing the New Forest Half in September.....if there was a bit of interest ?

    Le Chevre
  9. A friend of mine did it in 46 minutes then collapsed promptly after finishing. My name had actually been put down for it, but er, I was busy. Well done to those who did it though, puts me to shame.
  10. Well done chaps (and chapess) good effort.

    Scaley, you are fcuking barking but an especially well done to you
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Seconded....in bloody PATROL boots ? Weirdo !

    And without embarassing any individuals THANKS TO ALL for every penny of support.....it was a privilege to take part :highfive:

    ( I also got a nice letter from Rosie which I will post here to give every one the warm and fuzzy feeling thing - the thrust of it was...

    " Thanks awfy Goats -< on Fat Tony voice> where's the money ? <off FTV> :)

    Lee Shaver
  12. Goaty im up for marathon, Rosie has shortlisted me.
  13. Although I really enjoyed the race and laughed like a nutter when scaley flew off at mach 12 at the start of the race, I am know having a mare collecting the sponsorship dues.

    I collected entirely on camp and tracking people down is like being friggin sheerluck holmes.

    Afghanistan, Iraq, Dubai..... One guy sent us 20$ to cover 10£ which is fine but others have been whisked away by the tour fairy and I'm really hopping (I'll be getting onto one of the planes here and flying after them although admittedly it isn't all their faults) sigh.

    Oh well..... hunting has always turned me on!
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    That's excellent Thommo...good luck.

    Shhh...don't tell Erin Dawes.....my FLM entry form arrived this week. She swears blind I said ' I won't do London again ' at some stage in the last 5 years :)

    Arggghhh the indecision...Yes !... No!....Maybe?...can you repeat the question?

    Have I got another Marathon in me ?
    Can I go through the annoyance of being turned down in the ballot YET AGAIN ?
    Fancy dress ?
    Pounding along in the wake of Nell McAndrew ?

    decisions, decisions...... :D

    If anyone else has filled in their entry form for the Flora London Marathon, PLEASE consider running for Combat Stress if you get a place !

    Le Chevre
  15. Goatman how do i get a form for the FLM, and i am unwilling to pay for a form if not accepted. My pay is a paupers pay and i still pound for charity!