10 Hottest women on the...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brownman, May 13, 2011.

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  1. If those are hot I would hate to see what the ugly ones look like. The only decent on is the last.
  2. Agreed.

    I'm happy to be attacked by Angela DeLeon... would have been even happier when I was 16!

    In fairness, all of them beat our homegrown cradle-snatching scutter... Schoolboys can't be choosers!
  3. On reflection, I'd probably shag #4 after a couple as well. Maybe #8 too.
  4. I'd do the lot of em.
  5. A few of them are questionable,victims aged 14/16, you think "worth a pop" then theres a couple obviously fucked in the head, victims aged 2 & 3.
    Now question is not wether they're still worth a pop but would you feel guilty or not.
  6. Arrse is seemingly being inundated with people who wouldn't shag anything with a pulse. It is a sad indication of the decay in society whne even ugly bints can't get boned by some drunken squaddy.

    I believe it is due to the mistaken belief that everyone can better themselves and 'punch above their weight' whether it is in:

    1. Education (where everyone is after a degree),
    2. Vocation (everyone is going to get a 6 figure salary, based on their education),
    3. The demise of 'proper weekend drinking' (now known as binge drinking, and heavily frowned upon), and kebab eating
    4. The rise of the fitness culture where alcohol and kebabs/ pizza's are deemed unhealthy.

    People need to fail at things to better themselves, and find their true level in society - as well as potentially giving them the opportunity to genuinely succeed through hard work and determination.
    Ex-con munters need cock too, just don't turn your back, keep your hand on your wallet, and sleep with one eye open.
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  7. You do run the risk though of one of them saying "Wow You have a cock like a 4 yearold" and meaning it as a compliment..
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  8. In a strange and convoluted situation, I got a handjob off a friend's mum when I was 14 or so. Did I report her?......of course I fucking did! To any of my other mates who would listen. She was proper dirty too.
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  9. I work in a Help Desk and am not supposed to laugh. For this I might get fired!! :)
  10. They've got to run the risk if she says no to sex* you'll tell everyone what she's been up to!

    *Weird and kinkier the better.
  11. Why not? Be interesting to see what tricks they have up their sleeves...
  12. 4 & 10 are the only ones worth a look, the others are hot if you also add the word and smelly after
  13. There's something to be said of a bird with the faint whiff of B.O. !