10 Feg bet!

Discussion in 'REME' started by the_mentalist, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Something seldom heard of these days is the 10 Feg bet.

    The unwritten rule was you can never turn down a 10 Feg bet.

    I would like to hear whats the most bizzar 10 Feg challenge my fellow REME arrse fans have ever been set, and what, if anything considering the rules, you would not do for 10 Fegs?
  2. Bet you 10 Fegs you wont be seen wearing gloves and waterproof trousers on exercise!!!!
  3. No, but I've got hold of some softie trousers and they are great!!!

    10 Fegs says you wont set fire to your map case!
  4. 10 Fegs says you wont wear an England shirt tommorrow!!! :twisted:
  5. As said you never shirk a 10 pfeg bet and ive got one left for the trusty bet put aside.

    I bet you 10 pfegs you dont paint huge 12's (12 Armd Wksp) on all those Challenger 1's ***. How p*ssed off 4RTR were the next morning after all the things they were going to paint of ours supposedly on Cambrai night :D .

    Not saying anything else seeing the instigator and I are still serving and he is a responsible Tiff now :wink:
  6. To my everlasting regret....was 10 feg bet'd that I wouldn't slope off with an older native lady of dubous personal hygiene in Med Hat.
    The Bin naturally. To my credit I took the bet but weeks of showering couldn't remove the shame......ah, wasted youth!
  7. i think we've all had at least one bravery award in the Bin, O'Reileys or Cheetahs. Its amazing what a paralyser Guzzler makes you do. :wink:
  8. Looks like we owe each other 10 fegs !!!!!!
  9. 4 RTR never had Challys, they were a Chieftain regiment! Best swot up on your AFV recognition!
  10. Ok thinking of it your probably right it was 1993 so a long time ago just around the time QRL took over in Imphal, but we were used to working on the Challenger rather than Chieftain except for the Engineers kit around that time in Batus and the majority of exercises. I take it 4RTR never had Challenger then whilst in Traz :? If you was over there then you would remember the big letter 12 painted on a number of big green and black Tankie type things that 4RTR owned.
  11. I was and I don't so it must have been the Cav.
  12. Hey Iron, are you sure about the date when the chiefys were autographed?I was stillFRG then and it sounds like something I would have been involved/blamed for, but i cant remember it either(then again memory shot to fcuk!!)
  13. you can bid to get my 10 pfeg on ebay for a tenner if you want!!
  14. I have a few 10 pfgs lying around at home....all good!

    Smudge - 10 pfegs says you and Tony Makin can't roll that clio/corsa(?) on it's roof. Paderborn circa 1999
  15. I was nailing this german bird at the time, and Clarky, a lad I shared a room with bet me 10 pfegs that I could get to nail her with him in the room. Next weekend, drunken I, and said boxhead end up in the block. I handcuff her, candlewax her nipples, and get her to shout the usual Deutsch porn flick lines as I destroy her. Clarky never asked to watch again!

    Although I did end up with all the candles on my table when I took her to the LAD xmas pish up. Scutter ;)