10% Discount on adult products - Sex Toys, Lingerie, and other fun stuff.


Hi Arrse forum users!

As the official MoD directory alas won't allow sites featuring adult products, i'm happy to instead offer a 'forces discount' through Arrse. It goes without saying that all Arrse users, military or otherwise, are welcome to take advantage of the offer. I sell Sex Toys for him and her, Lingerie (mainly for her, but....I don't judge) and various other fun stuff. I'm gradually expanding my product range, and any requests for items not currently stocked are welcome. We also ship to BFPO.

The discount itself is 10% off on all products over £5 (which is about 90% of products). All you need to do is enter the following code at checkout: ARRSE10DC

Happy Shopping.
I am so gonna watch this thread, this is going to be good! Chris, do you deal in Himalyan beastyality tantra at all?
Oh, this is gonna be so good!!!!
Since you asked so nicely, but i'm afraid you don't get discount on that..... :D
Is that because you charge less than £5?
popcorn anybody?
None of you sex toy manufacturers make life size, realistic donkeys do you? No I thought not. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
You're not dressing up as Naked Osama Bin Laden for halloween again are you?


Book Reviewer
It's a growth industry, full of fits and spurts, often for issues taken in hand and sometimes leading to sticky situations.
It's been a massive learning experience for me, too :D

I have to say, whoever came up with the idea of Fleshlights modelled on Porn Stars is a friggin' genuis.
Disappointed to see that Bondage Gear is "coming soon". Sorry, the girlfriend is disappointed . . . . . . . . . . honest


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**looks at penis enlarger pump range**

not for me, honest...it's for a mate.

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