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10 days until Main Board, advice on getting fitness to it's peak please

Dear all,

For the last 2 years I've been living in some fairly awful place in Sierra Leone, during which time a career in the Army as an Officer became extremely appealing. On returning to the UK I attended Briefing towards the end of July and passed Cat 1. As I did not pass the bleep test (they wouldn't tell me what I got up to but I guess level 9) I suspect my age was taken into account, in that the very last Main Board I could attend being 20th November due to the 25y 6m age limit for the Board and 26y limit for RMAS.

So that is the date I am attending. Of course I've been training but I feel like I'm 'only just' at the level required in terms of running, press-ups and sit-ups. Some days, for some reason, I cannot reach the level required.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to prepare myself for an optimal performance in 10 days? This isn't about getting fitter, I know I can do it and it's too late for big changes; I'm after tips on diet, what I should be doing at the gym, how long and how frequently I should go, how many days rest before the Board, etc.

Many thanks for any advice, all hugely appreciated

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