10 days left before my basic training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by junica, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. i everyone i just have 10 days left before starting my basic training on 10 sept anyone else going to pirbright on that day.
  2. Good luck! Keep yer head down.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Edited to add: Oh and what you joining as?
  3. Please don't tell me that tomorrow you're going to start a thread called "9 days til I start my basic training?" etc?!?! :)
  4. No, he's going to wait another 9 days then ask "I'm going to Pirbright tomorrow. What do I need to take with me?" ;)
  5. In the WRVS you can get on Arrse, if your in Masters troop let me know.
  6. Have they stopped recruiting from 9th September till January due to working over Christmas? I wanna know if i'll get in and work through christmas which would be awsome :)
  7. You want to work through Christmas? Well you can have my duty then you freak. Enjoy stagging on in the snow and eating stale bread, ham and custard creams.

  8. Fantastic! Keep low, move fast and don't ask the instructor any stupid question's.

    Come back to this forum when you complete basic and let us know how you got on. I have been told basic is like the scouts now and there is very little shouting but I am sure it will be a shock to the system still.

    Prepare to double!!! Double march you fu*king crow bag!!!
  9. Well, I would understand the situation of people who are IN the Army are going through, of course THEY want to go home. But i've been home for 13 years now, doing school and collage with never being on a long period of time from home, with no job because i'm waiting for replies from the Army to know when I can leave, and that Sir, is why I dont care if I work through Christmas.

    Christmas is different for the Soldier's who get the rare visit home which I understand, and once in the army signing up for 4+ years... it is a valuable leave time to those of you working overseas or wherever now.

    And that is my Elaboration, now rather than throw an insult at me, why coulden't you answer my question?

    P.S. Sorry for having to talk in this manner, but I don't like to be called a Freak, and I don't think anyone else likes to be called it either.
  10. Whatever you fruitcake. I take it your only 13 years old? Go play with your action man. If you can't hack a few strong comments on here god help you when the instructors start.
  11. No i'm 18, I'm not a rude person, and I will be keeping my head down in the Army. However this is a Freindly forum discussion, and you insult me for just asking a question.

    And I'm sorry to say, but you are losing this conversation for throwing more insults at me.
  12. They are not insults just the sort of humour and attitude you will find behind the gates of the Army.

    To answer your question: If you get to basic training before Christmas stand down it is likely that the MGS (Military guard Service) will do the stagging on as they won't trust you with a baton let alone a rifle and if you make it to phase two you will do so much stagging on you will never want to do another duty in your career.

    Do you have a motorcycle license? Doe's anyone want a weeks leave?

    Learn fast my boy, never volunteer for anything but do as you are told.

  13. My nephew joins the same place on the same day. Good luck!
    Ignore all the crappy posts, that's just idiots who wish they were joining again and are just too old and probably wouldnt make the grade in any case!
  14. At least most of those idiots can write a coherent sentence! Who did you serve with then bigshot? :)
  15. I make the grade everyday. I applaud anyone who joins but you have to expect that it is not the boy scouts and that the Army has a particular type of humour.

    When your nephew passes out and joins his unit you will see that difference for yourself.