10 Days in the Talebans sights- The Times

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ronnie8781, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Not bad - the journalist did not make himself part of the story.
  2. I agree. Grabs you by the balls and squeezes.

    My heart is out there with them. Good Luck, Guys.

  3. Awesome. Simply awesome. Good luck to all out there.
  4. A good write and a good read.

    Hope everybody stays safe out there.
  5. This has to be the best quote I've read in years......

    “Basically it’s a waiting game,” Sergeant-Major Marty Pelling says as the Marines disentangle themselves from their Vikings. “We just wait here and see if we can annoy them enough to shoot at us, then we give them a good spanking.”

    I'm going to print it off and stick it up on the notice boards.
  6. Fact, to the point, good stuff
  7. Hoofing... well written and a great read.

    Good luck lads
  8. It is all very entertaining I'm sure. But I wonder if the your average tax payer is happy footing the large bill for an exercise that appears to have no more reason than to act as a career enhancement program for the RM's involved. I really admire the skill, bravery and fitness of the RMs and their performance reflects very well the best that British people have to offer.
    However, one does have to set this in some sort of context with the larger political picture. No matter how awesomely professional the RMs carry out each individual encounter the ultimate objective is an unachievable and futile one.
    To say the Taliban blend in with the people is a self serving piece of self deluded nonsense. They are of the people and they come from the people. And the more of them plus collateral that are killed the more of them will that will spring up from the people. And their numbers will always exceed any numbers of opposing troops we can put in the field.
    In fact were the RMs to be successful and somehow crush the Taliban and subdue the population when they left thousands more other troops would have to be deployed to ensure that the Afghans remained in their newly subdued condition. This is not going to happen. Fortunately our forces have been so taxed in the other theatre we will not be allowed the time and money to repeat the same mistakes that the Soviets made twenty odd years ago. The very lack of resources might one hopes soon enough cause the powers that be to finally start to use their imaginations rather than military force when trying to resolving the situation in Afghanistan.

    In the meantime I suppose we can just expect to read more accounts of the exploits of the Royal Marines. Which to me is like watching a group of master carpenters sent by the British government to do a carpentry job.
    The wood is the people of Helmand and the carpenters are obliged to make cabinets, but not before removing all evidence of the grain existent in the wood that they are given to work with. All that could be expected if such an exercise was to continue is piles of saw dust everywhere where there were instead meant to be cabinets.
    The 'Reconstruction' must start with the people first. This task must be undertaken properly to begin with employing more than just alternate use of arms, footballs and coloured pencils.
  9. Have you been on Herrick?
  10. SLRboy you are a chopper of the highest merritt there's been a few brave RM's and Soldiers that haven't had their career enhanced but their lives cut short.

    It's a good article, the sort we need more of so the public can see what is going on out there.

    Just out of curriosity how do you propose to do this reconstruction in a lawless state with the Taliban running riot?
  11. SLURboy wrote:-

    "It is all very entertaining I'm sure. But I wonder if the your average tax payer is happy footing the large bill for an exercise that appears to have no more reason than to act as a career enhancement program for the RM's involved."

    Feck Me Slurry, you can't wait to bang the knife between the third and fourth rib can you?

    This article does not ATTEMPT to view the wider political / GeoStrategic ramifications. It attempts to tell the story of 10 days in the life of J Coy. Which it does - very well IMHO.

    I do not disagree that there are larger questions and policies to be examined, but to try and link it to - for once - that fine piece of journalism is disingenous to say the least.

    Those lads - and that reporter if the article is to be believed - were trying their best in what can aptly be described as a trying situation. The words of those on this thread complementing the boys and the article are to be taken in that context.

    Oh and flash news - far from being a career enhancement program those lads were doing their job - as ordered. Now STFU and rod off to the rock you crawled out of, you filthy snivelling worm.

    Oops, sorry hope you weren't offended by my opinion. :pissedoff:
  12. I sometimes doubt that SLRboy has ever served.

    If He has he shows no pride in the fact, having never confirmed or denied it.
  13. In bold: You chopped my words wrong there didn't you? Of course they 'blend' in when any NATO forces are around. But that still doesn't alter the fact that they also come 'from' the people does it?
    That is a fact mate, not my opinion.

    As for Herrick no. I been well out for a few years.

  14. errrm...yeah thanks for that....back on topic, RM (and the US, Dutch and Canadians) are doing the lions share of fighting in Afghan, not against the afghan people, but against foreign fighters. ask anyone who has been out there, they will agree. and the reconstruction (cabinet making????) cannot happen until the taliban are defeated/subdued.

    and well done to Anthony Lloyd, a good journalist from what I've seen of his work. Ex-squaddie don't ya know!