10 Coy, 4 Para

I'm an ex-regular (Army - R.Sigs) thoroughly cheesed off with civ life and looking for a new challenge. I tried out RAF Regt reserves, but it wasn't particularly good.

My local TA units are Infantry and R.Sigs, I don't want to be Sigs, the job is dull and there are too many fat women, I do not want to go back there. The Infantry unit is fairly bog standard, not want I want.

So after some investigation it turns out that 4 Para recruit nationwide so contacted their HQ, I've been advised to contact 10 Company in London, I have their number, but I havent called yet.

I know whats required in P-Coy, I had several colleagues do the course when I was in the regulars. However I have several questions regards the TA Paras.

I'd be interested to hear from any who are current or former members of 4 Para, especially 10 Coy so I can ask a few questions.


Am  a Crow.

Can only reccomend you give them a call, and ask your questions.  Or post on the Reg message board on the official Para Reg site (under the PRA link).

Cant tell you much obviously! But 10 Coy have just won a Gold Medal in the Cambrian Patrol.  They seem to do a lot of travelling, many opportunities for jumps.  No Women, fat or otherwise...  

Very proffessional unit (am biased).  

Cadre beginning shortly.  You would I'm afraid have to attend recruit weekends, all 8 of them, then do P-Coy, and then do Combat Infantry Course.  Although I understand that CIC attendance is up to the CO's discretion considering your background.
Thanks for the info. Any info is good at this stage so much appreciated.

I hadnt considered the fact that I could avoid CIC, I'm prepared to do the whole lot really. In fact I'd prefer it, one thing I didnt like with the RauxAF Regt was being treated 'differently' because of my Army background, causes some unwelcome friction with the reserve long timers.

I had come across somewhere about the 8 weekends for recruits, thats no biggy and definately understandable.

Gold in the Cambrian Patrol isnt too shabby, was one of the main reasons that I originaly tried the RAF Regt as the unit I was joining were regular at the Patrol.

My heart is set on 4 Para right now so expect to give them a call within the next week or so, I can't hang about as age isnt on my side, I turned 30 yesterday  :(

Cheers and all the best with P-coy.
No fat birds???????? not joining you lot.
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