10 Coy, 4 Para question?

Hi, is 10 Coy in White City currently recruiting? ive heard that the next cadre starts in September but am I too late to apply? Ive tried calling but so far nobody has picked up :(. Ive requested info for the company from the reserve forces London website so I can find out there drill night and go down there but if there not recruiting theres little point. Thanks for any replies
If you are desperate call or better yet turn up at white city on a wed evening about 1930 hrs and speak to someone in person.

assuming you can get a medical, all the kit etc is issued at the start of the course, get down there and see them, they sometimes need a kick *********** to get things done.



Been out a while Johnnyboy? They have paraded on Tuesdays since about 2001!

Flynn - 10 Coy are still recruiting, the next cadre starts in Sept/Oct. You are in plenty of time to join the cadre. The Coy is on leave at the moment, so you will not get an answer until late Aug/early Sept.

PM me if you want more details.

Yes mate it has been a while since i was down at white city, we used to parade on a wed evening and your right it probably was 2000 or 2001 when i left!

Now you have me feeling old!
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