10 Concerns about Barack Obama

First off, I am a registered independent rather than Republican or Democrat as both parties have managed to go so far right and left that they have managed to forget all of us who are in the middle. Some issues I am conservative on (such as law enforcement) and others I am more liberal towards. That being said I can honestly say that there is no way in heck I will be voting for Obama for three reasons.

1. He is a Democratic tool... he has voted strictly along party lines in every session he's attended. McCain on the other hand became a pariah in his party because he was willing to cross the aisle and work with Democrats to get things accomplished.

2. Obama has zero respect for the US military... something many of us suspected and were proven correct on this whirlwind tour of his. From the moment he set foot in Iraq he avoided contact with rank and file personnel as much as possible, even walked past the receiving line on the tarmac without so much as an acknowledgement of their existance let alone shaking their hands as tradition dictates. He did manage to squeeze in photo opportunities of course... a few minutes in a gym shooting hoops and having a meal with some unlucky joes ordered to sit at his table. Blowing off visiting wounded soldiers recuperating at Landstuhl with a lame excuses just was the icing on the cake.

3. The man has surrounded himself with some rather radical individuals his entire adult life. From that loopy preacher, to his cop killer academic peer, to his vicious wife, there has been an obvious theme of rascism and detest for American society amongst those he has taken into his confidence. Let's see... the count so far stands at what, four former close associates either in prison or about to go to trial on federal charges ranging from conspiracy to corruption? One bad apple could be acceptable as an misjudgment but to have so many of one's friends get into legal trouble is a pretty good indicator that your running with a bad crowd.

Yep... he's great at giving speeches and has managed to win the hearts of our media here but I can tell you now that the diehard Dems are going to be quite shocked at how poorly Obama fares in a general election in this country.
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