10 Company 4 Para

Hi all.

Im looking for info on 4 Para, im in Croydon so my local is 10 Company, mortar platoon. Id just like to know:

Whats the training like, how long it takes...
How often you are compulsory mobilised, and what ops i can choose from...
What jobs i can choose...etc.

thanks loads.
Yea i got through to the Army careers office, but its difficult to get appointments during the week for me, i havnt left my job yet.
I wish i had a day job, i have a day, evening and night job for 6 days a week at the mo working for the railway. But iv handed in my notice, and applied for higher education and im looking for a good part time job.

Iv sent off for all the info packs i can get from the careers office, but there not as indepth as somone whos been there!


Carlos_Hathcock_II said:
Or pm The Duke on here.

He will be able to answer alot of your questions.
Somebody call?

Recruit training consists of 9 weekends over approx 3 1/2 months followed by CIC and P Coy. Basic Para course at Brize to follow if you complete these. From day 1 to CIC and P Coy done in 4 months or so if all OK at first attempt.

No such thing as compulsory mobilisation - it is all intelligent! That said, if you are not willing to get your boots sandy in the near future then look for a job at Tescos. You can chose from Iraq or Afghanistan, depending on what we are earmarked for and where the regular Bns are off to.

You can chose to be a top flight airborne skygod infantry soldier, specialising in God's own art of Mortaring at Croydon . Or if you fail the course we might keep you on as a chef.

www.4para.com for more info or PM me or Gluck_ab