10,000 missing in one Japanese town...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SudoCreme, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. Call me crazy if you like, but, doesn't it seem like a perfect opportunity for a mass abduction by outside space aliens??

    Coincidence...I think not.
  2. Your crazy!

    Just what are outside space aliens?
  3. They are different to inside space aliens. Think about it...
  4. Josef Fritzl is being very quiet don't you think maybe it is time just to have a word
  5. What would aliens want with 10,000 Japanese? That's a lot of anuses to probe...

    Edit; even if they do have six arms. The aliens, that is.
  6. Maybe they have a Yen for them?
  7. Yeah, but, all those Japanese must be between us and the moon by now.
  8. Being serious for a moment, I just can't comprehend that amount of loss of life in one area.

    It's just unbelievable.

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  9. Food.

    Some people thought this was just a nonsense sci-fi novel. Now we know better.

  10. They are alive in space ships probably playing backgammon.
  11. My Chubb detector just beeped...
  12. What about the 2 Brazilian tourists that died aswell......

    By the way how many is a Brazilian.

  13. The milk just fizzed out of my nose reading that. Very good.
  14. Genius first shake them senseless, then give them a quick dip in some sea water and finally beam em Scoty as much sushi as an alien can eat genius I say, just hope they don't fancy a Scottish take away next I taste crap served with fried mars bars.
  15. They'll be pished off when they find out that served seaweed is actually fried cabbage.

    I wonder where they'll be taken to.