10,000 Members!

I estimate that on or about Sunday ARRSE will become possibly the largest independant community on the Internet! Wow. Anyway, I'm going away for the weekend so happy 10,000th ARRSE!
Love the statement at the foot of the page:

pprune said:
As these are anonymous forums the origins of the contributions may be opposite to what may be apparent. In fact the press may use it, or the unscrupulous, to elicit certain reactions.,
Don't knock yourself Good CO, the Scum doesn't often quote pprune - don't think it's anything to do with the notice though.


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Why don't you ask, Tony BLiar or the Prince of Darkness to be the honorary 10 000th member (member being the operative word here)!
mereminx said:
Do you think?

Thank you for kindly pointing that out to me. I would have spent the entire evening wondering.
No problem. Good to know I avoided you wasting the evening wondering, although it didn't take much effort on my behalf as I counted dead fast until I got to 10,000 then I remembered the number I said just before that. Glad to be of assistance though, have a lovely evening.
canteen_cowboy said:
sugar that will be a slab of stella x10,000
Yep and some users will be getting very drunk. Never met a user with only one account - except the QM who's mysteriously disappeared from the site.