10,000 full-time special constables versus Afghan deploy?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gobbyidiot, Nov 7, 2009.

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  1. I was listening to Brown talking about the need for the Afghan mission to prevent terrorism on our doorstep. Suppose we withdrew and swore in all the troops as special constables and deployed them as watchers (which the Security Service admit they can't cover), at ports and airports to aid immigration checks, as a visible presence at high profile sites....

    Would security be reduced or increased?

    If the non-wage costs of Afghan deployment are far higher than the non-wage costs of UK policing might it be 20,000 "full-time specials" rather than 10,000? What difference would it make to increase the English police force by 20%, and that 20% (how can I put it) conditioned to be pretty remorseless?
  2. What about the thousands of radicals who already live here?
  3. Pointless, most of the terrorists already live in Brum and Bradford
  4. Well that's a non-starter; Watchers have to be carefully selected(For example, MI5's website states there is a height limit for Surveillance Officers). They must be capable of blending in, the Gray Man/Woman. And that's before all the specialist training you would have to give the soldiers who were being re-tasked. :roll:

    For what it's worth, I do agree that the police and security services need more boots on the ground. As you say, 7/7 happend because 5 simply did'nt have the manpower to watch all potential threats all the time. :evil:
  5. As long as we keep welcoming these 'potential threats' into our country with open arms then I can't really see us getting a grip of it. personally I think the 2012 Olympics is going to be the decider on this issue.
  6. Total staff of MI5 is just under 3500 people
  7. You think there's going to be a terrorist spectacular at the 2012 Olympics, Fally?
  8. IIRC, the official report into 7/7 stated that MI5 would need approx. 15, 000 personel to keep watch on every potential terrorist. 8O
  9. I think there will be quite a few suicide bombers trying to get in on the act considering it is a world wide event. If the security services haven't covered all angles I believe we'll be in for some spectacular firework displays and not the Nov 5th sort.
  10. Fair one.

    TBH, I'm surprised they have'nt taken a shot at the Edinburgh New Year Party in Princess St before now; up to 100, 000 people, many of them Americans, packed into a fenced off area. Extensive news coverage. And L&B Police, with all due respect, are'nt in the same league as MI5 or CO19... :roll:
  11. When the nevt attack happens in the UK the fact is that those taking part as in 7/7 will be known to MI5." But the fact we know of an individual and the fact that they have had some assosiation with extremists doesn't mean we are going to be indefinitly in a position to be confident about ecerthing that they are doing, because we have to prioritise" Jonathan Evans DG MI5 Jan 2009
  12. The major problem when any polllie opens his or her gob, they put their foot right in it. Others in the thread are correct, radicals/terrorists/insurgents, whatever you want to call them are alive and well in GB and all other states.

    The simple fact is that intelligence agencies aren't as intelligent as they make out, which is largely due to ineptness on the part of those we elect to government. Strangely enough your 'grey man' senario will not help a great deal unless you have feet, eyes and ears on the ground who are linguistic specialists, most intelligence agencies lack this resource. If I were 2nd generation British Indian/Pakistani or whatever I would speak on average 2 to 3 languages. Most agencies lack this ability. To put it simply they need to recruit from within the community. Look at the cold war as the example. If you weren't a Russian, German or slavic language specialist, you weren't recruited for the real ground work. Even in NI (and they speak a English), recruitment was always from within the community.

    I suppose the 'special constable' is one of Gordy's cost cutting recession approaches !! looooooooooooooool.
  13. Correct. When, not if. :evil:
  14. I didnt write that, Christopher Andrew did in Defence of the Realm
  15. Is that the official history of MI5?