Was he regaling the masses with his warry-walty stories?



No you cant. The Uniform in Public directive that was issued by the Service Chiefs a few years back now (1998 I think) specifically forbids wearing of uniform in pubs and clubs.

I dare say that you would get away with it if you were, say, with the British Legion after a Remembrance Day parade, but otherwise, you are right - not a clever thing to do.

I would guess that the chances of him being TA or ACF would be better than average.


Don't think I've seen service personnel in uniform in a pub since the end of my P Company 14 miler on the South Downs 17 years ago.

My bet would be that this individual was ACF - TA and regulars tend to have more common sense.

Which is not to say people shouldn't wear uniform in public: they damn well should whenever appropriate and we've done ourselves a lot of damage by hiding away from the public, but going to pubs or clubs, where there's always a chance that something is going to kick off, is just daft.
Ahh I remember the ACF in pubs whilst in Depot, sneaked out one night, lived a few miles away you see, to see a mate when in wanders a group of lads in uniform and my capbadge, on seeing the 3 tapes I paniced I would get caught till I spotted the c**t was about 16. Always thoughtyou had to wear brassards over combats ? Well the did in my day

Oh FTR they were ACF as I recognised one from my own cadet days
The following is the text of MODUK ACA/A2G/Z2S 161100Z OCT 98.

10. Uniform is not to be worn under the following circumstances:

a. When visiting public houses or places of entertainment, except when on official duty or business.

b. When consuming alcohol, unless at a recognised service function, eg sport.

c. When representing a third party, ie part time employment outside of working hours.

d. When on leave, other than travel to designated leave address and returning from designated leave address to place of duty, except for formal social events, ie a service/civil wedding.

e. When hitchhiking.

f. For practical reasons, civilian clothes will continue to be worn by Army personnel in MOD buildings subject to the requirement of their post.

g. When utilising civilianised trooping facilities at civil airports.

h. When attending court as a defendant, witness or representative of the Army, unless ordered to do so.
Does no-one frequent The Bustard any more? 8O
So what happened to that guy from the RHA goes to the sandpit documentary on BBC? Wasn't he filmed going for a meal and a pint wearing his dessies? Fair enough he deserved it, but in your working clothes?

So much for persec on that one.
Bravo_Bravo said:
I think that comes under 10 (b) - sport..
Not so sure, I think its 10 a. -- after all, they re-drew the training area boundary to include it!
i have spotted a squaddie in RLC stable belt in local pub, he was on his own, i didnt question or anything tho , just minded my own business the thought did run through my head was "why is he drinking on his own ?" :lol:

the last time i drank in a pub in uniform was to attend a sending off of a former DC many of us came straight out the Dets to the pub as there was no time to get changed, also for Remebrance sunday in No2s.
thats about it, im sure everybody else did the same themsleves
stickybomb said:
Does no-one frequent The Bustard any more? 8O
We locals try not to! :D

Although as an historical note it was the inn where the Salisbury/Devizes stage coach changed horses for the last bit of the journey which now incorparates an Impact area! 8O
8O Errm try the Crown near Tidworth, have seen them myself being served lunch and drinks with drivers waiting outside :?

PS Delete this if I'm out of order for naming the pub :oops:
DesertRat said:
stickybomb said:
Does no-one frequent The Bustard any more? 8O
Dunno what you're talking about. (Sheepish smiley because there dosen't appear to be one)
This is a WAH!, right? :?


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Sadly if the MoD/HMG actually gave a toss about security at a national level, public morale, recruitment etc. they would remove all the uniform orders forbidding wearing of uniform in public and positively encouage it.

When was the last time you got hassle from the public when in uniform?

I would be a lot happier seeing more unforms on the street and certainly it is a sure source of a free beer from old boys in pubs.
as well as raising the profile of the Armed forces.
Sorry Semper and Maninblack, i can't agree with you on that one i can't see how a load of drunken squaddies( who may be in the minority ) in uniform are going to raise the profile of the Armed Forces, it kicks off enough now, especially around millionaires weekend, can just see it now in the local/national papers after each weekend, it would be handing the journo's column inches on a plate.
DesertRat said:
stickybomb said:
DesertRat said:
stickybomb said:
Does no-one frequent The Bustard any more? 8O
Dunno what you're talking about. (Sheepish smiley because there dosen't appear to be one)
This is a WAH!, right? :?
R AR? No tigers allowed in the Int Cell thank you.

I agree with the chaps on this one. No uniform in public houses whilst on the shwallie. It just doesn't project the right image.

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