jarrod248 said:
That's great i've never seen a thread on here before about women.
That's coz you've never looked seeing as they're useless for you!
Did ya get any fishfingers?

I think that....no....I...oh wait....no..... .no...cannot be arrsed, go drink 8 pints of cold water hastily, wait 30 minutes then proceed w*nking, it will be singularly the most longest, tedious and emotionally sapping experience of your life, which equates to pretty much how I am feeling right now.

In fact, I can only assume that being held down by Russian wrestlers whilst being played "Your the best thing" by the Style Council at 33RPM at the same time as having a 20/80 mix of olive oil and cornflour syringed into my aching pole would be more pleasurable than this ! :D
Pierre said:
She used to go to Cha Chas now and again and my dream was complete when i saw her boobs at the Foam Party.
If that's the extent of your dreams, I hope you never lose your virginity.

God forbid if you ever get your Brown wings.
Its a tale of woe Pierre, but it's your wife.
I sniffed the saddles, the seats, the benches, she is the bestest of the wenches.

Wanna sniff my fingers?