1 year tours

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ironrations, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Just seen Sky news quoting a newspaper (Telegraph?) that we're heading for 1 year tours.

  2. You're not going to have a say anyway so get it down your neck. The plus point is like the yanks lessons learned wont be forgotten every six months. Negative point is your missus isn't going to be there when you get back and she will have flogged your DVD's.
  3. I suppose it's a novel way of keeping tour intervals the same with a smaller army!
  4. Is this a roundabout way of clearing out MQ's?
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  5. Replacing 'short-tour syndrome' with 'couldn't-give-a-fúckitis'
  6. Well considering at the moment with PDT your looking at nearly a year anyway, we'd end up doing a year PDT then a year away then straight back into PDT. Still as long as they didn't axe LSA we'd rake it in.
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  7. Just every 12 months instead...

    Not to mention the longer duration would require more r&r and down time to ease the stresses of tour.

    On the plus side POTL would be 2 months long, and you'd have a another 2 months worth of leave to take on top, excluding any leave not taken prior.

    6 months PDT, 12 month tour, 4 months off minimum.
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  8. ****ing hell, can I sign back up? (Oh I see 12 months in the middle, **** that). I'd have done it when I was young and keen though.
  9. I wonder if JPA would allow you to take over more than 15 days onto your next years entitlement,its hard enough fitting it all in now.
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  10. It does now... 15 are automatically carried over, in certain circumstances then more can be carried over.

    I would imagine a whole 365(+) days on tour would count as 'certain circumstances'.

    Op bonus would be nice too.
  11. I think there's a need to distinguish between tour lengths for what you gentlemen would so sweetly call REMF's, and frontline infantrymen.

    If the year is spent sitting in Bastion then OK, it's a bit tough on families , but no different to unaccompanied tours that have gone on for years.

    For frontline infantry, it's a different matter, and we'd need to change the way ops are run if it wasn't to end in massive PTSD problems.
  12. Very fair point - even the seperation element must be much harder for those out front.

    How about 12mth and 6mth tours running concurrently & length decided by role and duties?

    Admin nightmare I know, but still...

    On another point, is it possible to get mid tour R&R flights direct to BKK??

  13. I heard on BFBS this morning that it's apparently only int. postings and OMLT type jobs that are looking at 12 monthers out there.

    However, that should probably be taken with a pinch of salt.