1 Year Defferal !

I was recently at a selection weekend where I was deferred by the doctor for a minor injury to my neck last december from boxing, these details were on my medical forms so I shouldn't have been on selection in the 1st place, I don't know how this was not spotted before i wasted a weekend at selection where I was never going to pass the medical, this was only minor bruising to the neck... nothing serious, I passed all the tests the doc gave me and he said I was a very good candidate otherwise, I am in great condition as my doc has already stated by confirming that I am fit to join the brittish army. Should I appeal?
It wasn't spotted before you went because as the recruiting staff ar not medically qualified they do not see your confidential medical details. Your own GP cannot confirm you are fit to join the British Army that is the role of Doctor on your selection weekend and the reason you had an Army medical. It is entirely up to you whether you appeal the decision. If your appeal is unsuccessful you will only have a year to wait until your deferral runs out.

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