1 Worcs jungle-bashing, Malaya 1953


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About 40 minutes into BBC iPlayer - Home Movie Roadshow: Episode 5 has a section of colour film shot by a pilot of 848 Fleet Air Arm sqn showing pioneering Whirlwind ops in Malaya 1953 (RN freighting the pongoes about in the ulu, where were the Crabs when they were needed, don't ask). It is preceded by some b/w newsreel of 1 Worcs to set the scene.

try this and then watch out for the uncut version this week and watch it THIS WEEK as the 'uncuts' only stay on i-Player for a week.


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On my NIRTT course in 1976, some bright spark said that SMG drills ought to be modified for NI to triple-cock in the same way SLR drills were modified for NI. (During Basic in 1975, learning SLR as alternative personal weapon, we were taught to single-cock it, then after we'd passed the module we were retrained to triple-cock it because that's what was demanded in NI and we'd all get to go there sometime.)

It took a lot of banging his head that if you triple-cocked an SMG and there was a round in the chamber, there very quickly wouldn't be.
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