1 week into Phase 1 training and want to change job choice

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by clover30, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Hello,
    My son is at Pirbright and is thinking about changing his job choice to Royal Artillary..... is this allowed ???
    Also i have read the RA intake is on hold at the moment ??
  2. Whats is his capbadge at the moment?
  3. He should be going in the Signals as a Systems Network Engineer...
  4. He should transfer, who wants to be in the signals, (stoodby for incoming)

    Seriously though if he is unhappy the best thing he could do is make it known to his training intructors.
  5. He's only done a week......the first week is normally quite frenetic with most recruits still acting like rabbits caught in the headlights.he might just be struggling to come to terms with his new life and the speed it seems to be travelling.

    Suggest he speaks with his training team, they will certainly have seen people in his position before and be able to offer suitable advice.
  6. Generally in basic people seem to get influenced into these sort of things by the training NCOs, induced or not he needs to consider why and what he wants to do, and also he hasn't even sampled the job yet but obviously he can hear things about the job a bit more now from the people that do it more so than a simple job brief from careers advisors as i presume some signals guys are at the ATR (unfortunately) as well as artillery.
  7. yes, he seems to have spoken in depth about it to his corporals and he is going to speak to someone else tomorrow...
    I just wasnt sure if he would be allowed to change ??