1* weapons handling

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by e_coy_boy, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. this weekend i went on a FTX in aldershot wiv RGJ i enjoyed it imensely although i failed to pass my 1* S & A !! does any have the exact steps to take me through it please !! because i was tested by 2 diffrent officers and got totaly diffrent treatment !!!

    on this FTX we done a ambush on A coy 4 cdt's ND'ED !! i got told that in the R.A. they ND on perhpase to get ride of the round because its quicker and safe then ejecting live round !! is this true ??
  2. Unless things have changed since I last done my APWT, a negligent discharge will still loose you a couple of weeks beer tokens, and so to that end, the person that told you that is either smoking blow or you are taking the pi$$. Firing a round in a safe direction is definitely not safer than ejecting the round picking it up and putting it back in your magazine for use at a later date rather than just wasting it.

    However if you are referring to blanks then dependent on how chip shop the DS are, or how tight your Q is about taking back loose rounds, then who knows what happens in the woods at the teddy bears picnic

    I hope this helps my young fearless cadet ;)
  3. What the fcuk, ND deliberately.

    You really are a muppet.

    On a more serious note, go to your DC (Im assuming you're a Cadet) and ask to see the Army Cadet Force syllabus for 1* SAA. it will have exactly what you need to know on it.

    However, seeing as (from your other post) you have two charges of ABH, you sound like the Troop Biff anyway.

    Post in the ACF forum, it'll stop the regs on this site from telling you to fcuk off, they're not as lenient as me.

  4. I think he is referring to the practise of "emptying guns" in the Royal Artillery, onto a "safe" grid rather than farting around with Ejectors, Projectile and unloading the beast. This is in no way connected to negligent discharges. Just as E coy boy's command of language is in no way connected to English.
  5. e_coy_boy wrote:
    have a fcuking word with yourself.
  6. My previous point about the regulars has just been illustrated so well by chocolate frog.

    Cheers mate.
  7. Ok, you're not making sense really...

    How can you ND deliberately? How is that negligence? Negligence is a failure to take proper care in an action or procedure.
    Firing off a round pointlessly is stupidity, but not an ND.
  8. E_Coy_Boys mum managed it about 15 years ago.
  9. LOL Xplosiverab I think i just pi$$ed my pants CLASSIC!!! ;)
  10. Ahem...

    I was going to add something about an sailor ND-ing a few months earlier but I won't...
  11. Sorry for getting there first mate!
  12. lol, cheerz guyz :) my mumz 6ft under but all gd :) thx 4 the mature response to my Q :)
  13. Maturity? come and tell us all about it once you've grown up and stopped using text speak.

    Chopper! :roll:
  14. You know what, as soon as I pressed submit to my "yer ma" post, I knew he was going to say that.

    So, e_coy_boy, is it alrite is I visit her and fcuk her rotten?

  15. This guy types like Ali G on crack :lol: