1 tooth missing :(

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Gothicghost, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. Hay guys/gals

    Ok i did my barb test and i got all the forms i need to fill in now.

    So u know the Dental history bit got me worryed as one of my teeth when sort of black and basicy it crumbled down to the gumline.

    I am going to my dentist this week but i not sure if i get a like false tooth put in it will have a effect of me getting in.

    I could well be OOT ing this but i just want to make sure i done everything right lol

  2. You're not allowed in if you have a false tooth.

    Just think how much of a burden you could be on ops for Christs sake!

  3. You can't run faster either.
  4. And go.....
  5. You will be ok if you replace it with a bolt on, titanium fang, costs shed loads though

    Snail, you owe me a hot date and I'm a looker so you'll have to put out :D
  6. Yup you need to get that gap filled otherwise it'll whistle as you run around.

    You'll need to get yer tooth fixed as well
  7. There is so much shiite on this forum. Gothicghost, you don't need to have the tooth replaced, but you will need to have a symmetrical row of teeth. Ask your dentist to remove the same tooth on the other side. You need to have a symmetrical mouth to pass the medical and selection, something to do with air pressure in aircraft. Good luck mate. ;)
  8. Can the dentist bridge it,don't know if this will assist but will look far better and be much easier than a false one.
  9. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    False teeth are a no-no in an operational environment, as they might fall out and block the air inlet from the respirator canister.

    Same with aircrew, where they might mumble over the RT ... although the difference is hardly noticeable.

    Dental implants, with a titanium base screwed into the bone, are expensive [£3k or more] but give a great advantage in biting fight.
  10. Personally, I think it was a mistake to post this topic in the first place. You've bitten off more than you can chew.
  11. are you for real!!! :? this has got to be the mongiest post to date. i,d put this in the naafi,i,m sure people could advise you on your next move. :wink:
  12. You'll be OK if the tooth is missing from the side of your mouth.

    If it's one of the front teeth, there could be a maintenance issue in the winter. The Army doesn't like central eating problems.
  13. Allllll the way roond the drumkit for that one puttes boom-tish!! :D

    He'll be okay eating at ESS/Compish it's slop...

    Spoon or straw Sir?
  14. Teeth.... get them sorted now or you'll be spitting them out when you do compulsory milling during your first week training.......(normally fighting for best bed space)

    And get them sorted in civvy street. Whatever you do don't let the army dentist take a look inside your gob.... they'll use you for dental experiments giving them valuable experience for when they get out and earn shedloads in the private sector.

    Take me for example:

    Before I joined up:


    AFTER my first dental check up:


    (Although drinking too much cookhouse screech (orange flavour) probably didn't help...)
  15. Was just asking cose i was not sure that some types of teeth implants are ok like some one the screw in ones probs better.

    Anyways cheers for the info to the guys that botherd to help :)