1 Tonne Vampire weaponry

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by peterb110, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. Looking for advice on the weapon "fit" for the Land Rover Vampire Direction Finder used by 14 Signal Regiment during the Cold War.

    There was a crew of 4 [2 in the 109 Support truck] with a personal SLR each. There was provision for one of the SLR's to be clipped in the cab. There was an SMG stored on clips in the radio compartment.

    I understand a LAW66 was also deployed but I don't know if this was per Vampire, per Troop per Squadron or? Anybody advise?

  2. The SMG would be a personal weapon also, not in addition to the SLRs.

    Can't really help on the 66.
  3. Can't recall a 66 being carried by the Vamps. I seem to remember them being with the Troop complex (together with an LMG). But it was a long time and many beers ago.
  4. Did someone say s.l.r.? Now i had one of them ,it was a proper rifle........................
  5. Hi Donstoy

    The LAW 66 could have been with the Complex. I'm basing my query on a poor photo I've seen of a LAW slung over the shoulder of an EWOP / Intell Corp guy in the yard at Celle before a Vampire and Complex deployment. If it was with the Complex how many would there have been?

  6. Can't recall how many were carried. I've PM'd you with more info.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    By the amount of training and advice I was giving in the lead up to Granby - on everything from Hi-Power's to 66's, I honestly have the impression that almost nobody there had any contact beyond a weapons recognition photograph...... I never met anybody who had fired one, and I never met anybody who really had a 4 man crew either ;-)
  8. Thanks for the PM Donstoy. Reply PM'd

  9. OK who stole my fourth crewman! Having had the pleasure of being Vamp Det commander in 88/89, all dets I came accross only ever had three men (no girlies in those days, different now I understand). 2 men in the main 1 Tonner and 1 in the 3/4 ton support rover.

    All were armed with SLRs and there were 2 horizontal fitting in both cabs. There were also 2 vertical SLR fittings in the main radio compartment against driving cab dividing wall. I never saw SMGs on the dets (nor any fittings).

    In addtion the det also carried a machette who's main purpose was to keep the back door shut so beer and porn could be swiftly hidden when troop Staffie/OC turned up for unexpected visit.

    I don't remember ever seeing a LAW 66 being taken on exercise but then I never saw the inside of the complex except during practice sessions in Taunton Barracks when we did not carry weapons. If memory serves right, I did see a (very) few training versions in the Sqn armoury.

    I have to say that the thought that a wobbly head being given a LAW 66 makes me chuckle. Not sure who was in more danger, the men with snow on their boots or the complex personell........
  10. I wouldn't take the presence of various small arms fittigsg to definitively indicate the levels and types of weapons carried by the crew of most military vehicles pre-SA80 days. Weapons were issued because of rank, trade and a couple of other factors and rarely were weapon mounting brackets used anyway.
  11. 14 was my first posting in 81, first at radio troop in Scheuen and later langy - the support weapon to avoid on Active Edge was the 84 Carl Gustav, if you saw the Troop Staffy walking around with a beige weapon card in his hand you hid, it weighed a ton
  12. Hi Morse Monkey

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm basing 4 crew members on a Vampire "Duty Board" I've had sight of, it included frequencies, call signs, resupp needs and listed 4 x 4 hour shifts.

    Reference SLR fittings. I've only ever seen clamps for one SLR in the 1 tonne cab and this is along the bottom of the windscreen. The photos I've seen of some radio compartments show a couple of SLR's pushed down behind the far battery box, but none with clamps on the bulkhead between the cab and the rad compartment - have you got any photos of this arrangement? The SMG is / was mounted across the top of the battery control box that is mounted on the bulkhead.

    Was it only one machette? Stored in the slot above the driver's door? V2 75FL93 has got a small brass bolt fitted to stop Staffie / OC interuptions!

  13. Highly likely the legendary fourth crewman would be TA if the Russians had ever got lairy.
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    He would arrive with the promised defense platoon - probably.......
  15. It's highly likely that any SMG cradle in the vehicle was from it's role pre rebuild to Vamp state - weapons were allocated to the individual, and as previous posters have said, most of the guys in 14 (me included) were SLR armed, although I also got an LMG to lug as well - in addition to the SLR I might add. SMG's wouldn't be part of the vehicle CES - they'd come attached to Tech's etc (bless 'em)
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