+1 thingy?

Capture.JPG I have a thingy next to Mr Mushroom asking if I'd like to publicly +1? Wossat then??? :?
Click the button. An explanation will be displayed. You can then log in to Google to complete the procedure.
They want you to shag someone and we all watch, maybe !


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I am feeling very ronery as I don't have one :(
Just noticed I have one as well, does it bite.
Mines has DEFINGTOOTLY gone!

And do I LOOK like a go on top kind of girl! WAYYYYYY too much like hard work!
Aaaaagghh, I shouldn't have posted on this thread, now I've got one !
Is this some new kind of STD, do I need to see a Doctor ?


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no visit necessary - as it will clear up on its own - just rub deep heat into the groin and **** areas to be sure though
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