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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Candida, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know the names of those injured but not killed in the recent attack involving
    1 Staffords in Iraq?
    I have not been able to obtain contact with a friend since just a few hours before the incident.
    If it's not in the public domain yet maybe a Mod could be told the relevant names and then PM me.
    I will give his name to the Mod and we can go from there?
    Many thanks in advance
  2. I smell journo.
  3. If you smell journo it's probably because this site is crawling with the scum and feeding on the tid bits on Harry Wales etc that you are spewing forth.
    This is a genuine enquiry as I am concerned about a friend serving in Iraq with 1 Staffords.
    He has not been online since the incident and as I am not shagging him I am unsure how to go about finding out if he is ok.
    Good to see appropriate paranoia over the press is developing here though. One can only hope it leads to the death of the Harry Wales threads.
    In the meantime, I do need to know if my friend is safe.
  4. How about the 1 STAFFORDS welfare office then- if your credentials are as impeccable as you suggest, they may be able to help. Try their Regtl website through www.army.mod.uk to get contact details.

    Moreover, I suggest that if I was that way inclined to divulge information that wasn't in the public domain, as you suggest, I wouldn't be acting like this.

    Now grow up.
  5. If he is so much of a friend - how come you dont have hi sbfpo number - you can send ebluey and let him know you are worried.

    You are either false or not that good a friend luv if he hasnt bothered to contact you.
  6. Thanks for your help.
    I will contact them immediately.
  7. That's it then?
  8. I have his postal BFPO address. Will that enable me to use the ebluey system?
    I'm just a friend of his. I expected the names to be out by now or to hear from him that he's fine.
    If he's in hospital I'd like to send pressies etc that's all.
    God you lot are awful.
  9. Seems so. To think, I had posts abusing her (legitimately I suggest) removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. He could always have gone off you and in fact be perfectly fine...
  11. Unlike his colleagues that have been killed.
    This is a platonic friend only.
    You Sir, are a dickhead
  12. You think that 1 STAFFORDS are the only unit to have soldiers killed in Iraq? Try again. Don't get sanctimonious on me. Civpop.
  13. Yes, log on to the ebluey site (a google search will give you the link) - locate his bfpo number from the selection and follow the prompts to register. Then type your letter as you would an email, send and they will pass to him at his location. He should have access to a phone (although may be limited) and can call you
  14. Have registered and sent ebluey. Thanks very much.
  15. Afraid that when I started writing to my better half in the Staffords, I had no idea that there was a procedure to follow to get mail through either. I phoned up BFPO, gave them the full name, asked for the address, wrote them a letter, stuck it in an envelope and slapped on a stamp. Had it within the week. Since then have been given four different addresses: two from them, two from BFPO and they all seem to work.

    By the way honey, really proud of you and you're all doing a great job xx