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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by pingu823, May 15, 2009.

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  1. Chaps,

    I rejoin on July 6th as a Comm Sys Eng. Once I've finished trade training I wouldn't mind having a crack at 1 SQN.

    Can you apply straight from Blandford?? Although I'd just come out of training, I have spent 5 years previous as a Spec Op.

    Anyone give me an insight to the SQN (not on the work side, as its all sneaky beaky, though I have a good idea what they do).

    Pass rates on the course, how you found the course if you're there now.

    If you cant go straight to 1 SQN, anyone recommend any postings?? I'm quite keen and want to go on tour alot if possible.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. If you get in tell them to stop buzzing my house in the Chinook its getting annoying!
  3. I think you can apply straight after training but generally would be told to get some experience before attending the briefing course. Even though you have served before, it would probably be worth getting some new trade experience so you can take that with you.

    I think the pass rate is around 70% (I standby to be corrected) so it is certainly not unachievable. The course has changed since I did it but from speaking to the lads who recently passed - they all enjoyed it. Definately challenging and so all the more rewarding when you eventually get through the SC course. For more detailed information you would be best getting in touch with the training cell there.

    Lots of tours and very interesting and varied work. It still constantly amazes me that people aren't battering the door down to get in ! Good job, good lads, civvie houses, extra money, don't wear uniform, good promotion prospects - what else do people want ?
  4. The easiest way to join 1 Sqn in the very near future will be as a STAB!!

    Remember folks, you heard it here first, goodbye 1 Sqn (the regular Army portion anyway).
  5. SC_O

    Cheers, I'm pushing 27 atm, as I'm going to be at Blandford for the next year, I would want to push for it fairly quickly if I can. Purely as I'm getting on a bit!!!

    I know they spend a lot of time on tour which I'm very keen on to.

    Although the course is hard, is it more green skills focussed?? Or more trade skill focussed??!?!?!
  6. Pingu,

    Case by case basis when it comes to applications, your previous experience would be taken into consideration but the whole point of the SC Briefing Course is to get a look at you and vice versa.
    Put in a 206 and see what happens... it can't hurt!

    GB appears to know FA about the unit and the differing roles between the TA and REGs, my advice would be to just go and see for yourself.

    It's a great unit and has changed massively over the last few years alone, also agree with SC_O about applications... but I suppose alot of people in the Corps must be content with what they are doing.

    The Course itself starts on the basic foundations of soldiering, (both green and comms) and builds into a specialist role. As long as you know the basics and are willing to give it 100% you should do fine. The hardest part is submitting the application!

    Good luck
  7. Whats happened to 1 Sqn? they seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth?
  8. 1 Sqn are stabs, and rather lacklustre stabs at that.
  9. Must point that out to one of my "lacklustre" mates... :) :) :)
  10. It's been noted...

    It's just envy that we are better than the other squadrons in the regiment....

  11. If you arent able to apply straight from training, or dont complete the course, I would recommend 21 Sigs (especially 244 sqn) as they are a very busy unit indeed!

    I am a tech currently in 244 and we have 1 troop in afghan and 1 troop in kenya at all times. The gaps between the two deployments are filled by leave, courses, or excercises in Jordan, Morocco, California, Poland and the unbeatable Salisbury Plains.

    Also there is constant opportunity to take part in sports at all levels. On the downside its in the middle of nowhere, and the hierachy seem to forget that the hangars will get dirty if you leave the huge doors at either end open on an airfield!

    Hope this helps.
  12. Only asked because they have disappeared off the Army website, think they only now show units that aren't fully recruited.
  13. Now, now. Have they picked up numbers yet, the last cull appeared to be terminal
  14. Really? Looks like he was right all along. I bet he's chuckling in his grave.

  15. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    and you had to resurrect a 4 year old thread just to say that? :roll:
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