1 Sig Bde to Stafford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PoisonDwarf, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. I see the Minister for the Armed Forces (MinAF) stated in the Commons the other day that all of 1 Sig Bde is now moving to Beacon Bks in Stafford, rather than Cosford which was originally preferred, due to complications with the DTR project.

    I didn't realise they wanted to have all three Regts in a single site. That'll be very good for family stability and interesting for the Corps. 102 Log Bde will move to Cosford instead - again a very good site and RCMO Midlands will be a very busy bloke!
  2. I agree that all the principles are a good idea.

    3 Regiments in one place all supporting the same Bde. Or is it 3 undermanned Regiments providing one pool of manpower for 1 Sig Bde commitment to Herrick (til 2012 I believe)?

    3 Regiments in one place which has inadequate quartering and a lack of decent single accn or facilities (along with many other parts of the Corps, particularly with regards to single accn).

    How long will it take for SLAM or PUMA to catch up after the move?
  3. mate i believe 16sr will not be under 1sig bde by then

    but yes, they will all be in one (big) camp.
  4. Go go Campaign Signal Regiments!
  5. Only if they find some houses to put them all in! There's not enough for 22 Sig Regt as it is.
  6. PPP 2020

    Blandford (or Cardiff)
    1 Div
    30 Sigs