1 Sig Bde mainly 16 Sigs

Just a question.

Does anyone know the long term plan for 1 Sig Bde mainly 16 Sig's i know ARRC are moving to Innsworth as we speak but i have heard many stories that 16 Sigs are going to stafford. The reason i ask is i am posted to the newly reformed 252 Sig Squadron which has been reastablished part of 16 as the advance party for the move and they are based is innsworth not stafford.

any clarification would help cheers
I am led to believe 252 Sig Sqn is part of 16 Sig's was an old squadron at 16 many years ago aswel,m just newly reformed. My assignment order say's 16 Sig Regt 252 Signal squadron Innsworth
252 are moving to 22 Sigs and will stay under them at Innsworth. 7 & 16 will move to Stafford when the Army can afford to build the new quarters/blocks/gym/cookhouse etc. 2015 is the date I've heard most often.

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