Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Busterdog, May 4, 2007.

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  1. 1 SCOTS' website, apparently, is STILL under construction - recruiting must be particularly good! Has anyone any news on their whereabouts/operational state etc? The associations of their antecedent regiments seem reluctant, understandable I suppose, to post information on the new battalion.
  2. I believe they are currently in Belize. Thought they would have been desperate to get word on the internet of the success story so far though!!
  3. I presume you mean The Royal Scots Borderers? All this talk of numbers is a pity, surely the Borderer tradition should be maintained?
  4. They are currently in Belieze, they are also penciled in for another Op tour at the end of the year.
  5. Why not the Royal Scots tradition...? as for numbers - pot, kettle, black etc. I personally feel that 3 SCOTS has a certain ring to it.
  6. Do the other 'super' battalions regiments refer to them selves as numbers? pauses then thinks about The Rilfes, Doh!, but what about the rest?
  7. It is an amalgamated Battalion from The Kings Own Scottish Borderers and Royal Scots so numbers should be pretty good for a while. Now known as The Royal Scots Borderers 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment Of Scotland.
    Once A Borderer Always A Borderer :clap:
  8. Thanks for the response. I guess the Bn has returned from Belize as they're hosting the Royal Scots Borderers Rugby 7s on 19th May at Dreghorn. Don't know when they are to depart for Iraq though.

    Once A Borderer Always A Borderer!
  9. Bn is just rolling back in to Dreghorn Barracks post-Belize and are on a well-deserved two weeks of leave. After that it is long-term prep for Iraq at the end of the year.

    xxv - Once a Borderer, Always a Borderer.
  10. Any idea who won the 7s?
    Frustrating the lack of information coming from 1 SCOTS, a lot of the 'Old and Bold' from their antecedent regiments want to support the Royal Scots Borderers though are finding it very difficult due to the dearth of news/pictures. Sadly 1 SCOTS continued silence will be perceived as indifference and will lead to the disenchantment of those interested in their well being.

    xxv - Once a Borderer Always a Borderer - xxv
  11. Busterdog...I hope you get the info you want/need...as itseems a shame to me as RS/KOSB always to had such a strong "family" feel about them and strong Regimental Associations.

    Forunately our association seems to have gone from strength to strength in the last year, even set up a new branch. Lots of info coming out of the Bn and HHQ too.

    Perhaps the "fault" (if you can call it that) with 1SCOTS lies within the higher echelons of old Regimental Associations?
  12. Jonesy. Sadly I rather think you're right. Glad the Black Watch associations are getting behind 3 SCOTS. Is wee Ronnie Proctor still at HHQ?
  13. Aye...Ronnies still there. Since the re-org BW Bn have been on freedom parades of Forfar,and also Fife....where they/we as BW (RHR) recieved the Freedom of the County.They were supported on these occasions by elements of BW Association and BW ACF who also marched on the parades.

    Yer man,instigated a wee parade of BW old and bold from a forming up point on the North Inch to RHQ on reunion day last year. This parade will take place again this year.

    A week last Sunday the association held a memorial parade in Aberfeldy,which was quite well attended. Apparently this is also to be an annual event.

    Some might say that the BW has gone, but looking at what is happening within the BW family and looking at our "Regimental" magazine it would seem that little has changed.

    BTW...I note you use the term 3SCOTS....I think that most BW personnel refer to them as The Black Watch Battalion.

  14. Well. The Royal Scots Borderers silence is deafening. I check their battalion website regularly - nothing! Has anyone any news of their tour in Iraq, recruiting, retention etc?
  15. Busterdog

    Agree the lack of info on the website is disappointing. Suggest you make contact with RHQ SCOTS and get registered on SHAREPOINT, accesible through ARMYNET. This is a password controlled website and has all recent info on 1 SCOTS. In sum, tour going well for all components of the BG, new CO recently took over command, retention holding it's own - recruiting could be better (surprise.....).