Discussion in 'Infantry' started by royalmile, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. Early days I know, but how is the recent amalgamation going? I am sure that the Jocks from 1RS and 1KOSB are gelling well.
  2. I assume by their silence that 1 SCOTS are too involved in team building to respond. Any news would be appreciated.
  3. Things are going well, from an attached arms view. Everyone is very busy at the moment with courses etc. But there has been no trouble, like most people thought!

    All is well!!!
  4. Hardly a surprise that things have gone well; the Royals and the Borderers were always fairly close in outlook, and their associated TA Battalion operated successfully as a mix of Regiments.

    Glad to hear that it's working, though :)
  5. Excellent news. Thanks Ex-Minden.
  6. Excellent! As others have said, not a surprise, but good to hear. Thanks 'Ex-Minden'.
  7. 'bout time they updated the Official website...
  8. Couldn't agree more!
  9. Which unit furnished the Royal Guard at Balmoral this year? Or has that tradition been suspended in view of overstretch?
  10. The Royal Guard this year came from 4 Scots.
  11. I thought The Highlanders 4SCOTS were stationed in Germany.
    Was the new uniform worn?

    BTW do 2SCOTS and 4SCOTS still carry three Colours?
  12. We are in Germany and they did have the new kit for it.4 Scots the highlanders have never carried a third colour i think it was only the 2nd Bn The Seaforth highlanders that did carry it.
  13. Thanks for the info' fally_. Hope things are well with you all in 4 SCOTS.
    BTW any photographs of the Guard?
  14. Heard that the boys are really enjoying the new Regiment(s) and that all the concerns of the "old guard" were for naught, as the mature and level headed SNCOs and WOs have pulled together. This sets areal example to other elements of the Forces who can see no further than their own noses. If we don't ever change, how can we develop.

    Any guesses for the next amalgamation (RLC & REME?)
  15. Almost one fifth of the Army under one cap badge - and one Senior Officer? I think not!

    Interesting discussion, though!