1 SCOTS lose 10 soldiers to drugs.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Not good for the Battalion, but standards must be kept high

    This CDT was carried out days before the previous 'incident', in which soldiers from 1 SCOTS were filmed allegedly snorting drugs in powder form. (which can be found here)

  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    So more to follow then. Stupid sods
  3. No, i don't think so. The footage of the soldiers alleged drug taking, is now being labelled as a joke, so me think disciplinary action is more likely than dismissal.
  4. I'm certainly not condoning drug abuse, but WTF is it with squaddies and mobile phones? Why do they just have to video things which are going to drop them in the sh*te later on up the road and by their own hand?

    They used to photograph each other. The advent of the mini video camera took it one stage further and now with mobile phone technology, the stupid b*stards send the images to each other. Never mind the drug abuse, the thick c&nts deserve booting out for their stupidity.
  5. Very true, but they claimed they were making it as a joke. Whilst it may be of poor taste (and questionable intelligence), soldiers do tend to reflect the society in which they were raised.
  6. Can you imagine what Nuremberg would have been like if the nazi's had had access to mobile phone technology & email?!
  7. Yeah, boxhead version of Al-jazera would be playing streaming footage of the gas chambers, claiming it was the will of their god. :shakefist:
  8. Looks like Fallschirmjager was right then

    Clickety click
  9. No, he is NOT right. Please see the rest of that thread, where he admits that he was miles off with his statement.

    The reason that the Jocks seem to have a higher incidence of drug taking and dismissals is that they don't sweep things under the carpet like other parts of the army do. Despite this, it still gauls me that soldiers are SO stupid to deliberately take these risks when they know the punishment is so severe. :shakefist:
  10. In as much as the next batch is always thicker than the one before.
  11. Serves the stupid fcuks right. I've no tolerance for drug takers, recreational or otherwise.

    How hard is it to drum it in to these chav gits that the Army don't do drugs!
    I'd love to know how much emphisis is placed on teaching this in basic?

    Anyone got a definitive answer?
  12. I'll never forget seeing the training film about taking LSD or not.

    Frightened the crap out of me. First the guy was a crab and second, I'd just been woken up.
  13. Good to see wasters being weeded out but i did come across a situation a couple of years ago where time-barred soldiers who had had enough went home for the weekend and took some form of narcotics only to tab into their OC on the Monday morning to admit their crime.

    The first three were kicked out before the CofC caught on.

    Cheaper than PVR apparently and modern day employers do not take the same view of monor recreational drug use as the old order the impact on their future employment is not as great as it once was.
  14. Ah well, that's ten more on the dole in Niddrie then :thumleft:
  15. Let me get this straight. Are you suggesting other Regiments and Corps sweep drug taking under the carpet?