1 Scots/Dreghorn.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Fivesandtwenties, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, I hope this is in the most appropriate place. I'm a CMT and I've been selected for promotion to Lcpl. I put my triple P in and got my first preference which was 1 Scots based in Edinburgh which I'm glad to say I got. The RRS was my first choice due to having worked with them before on Ops (albeit a different battalion) and that I quite fancied a posting to Edinburgh. My question is really if anyone can tell me more about the battalion, other than what I can find out on WIKI which isn't a lot, or the MOD website (which has even less!) the kind of things I'm interested in are type of accomodation, approx dates of next deployment (within opsec obviously) and anything else that a junior might want to know!

    Many thanks!
  2. Well as your a CMT I would advise getting better & more recent facts from 'Armynet' itself for dates for 1RRS next deployment

    As for the Bn, it like many others suffered from FAS a while back and consists of 1KOSB & 1RS, but mostly the latter I believe & the Bks itself has seen modernisation over the years & IIRC has PAYD, I take it your SLI as your asking about accommodation so Sandhurst block (i think its called) which overlooks the Bn square is probable the most ideal for HQ Pers, overal Dreghorn Bks is the better compared to Redford & Calvary just down the road

    Anything else send me a PM
  3. Thanks, PM sent.